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Obama’s Bribe To Keep Wright Quiet

Is anyone surprised that Obama wanted his loudmouthed anti-American preacher to keep quiet?

“[Obama] offered you money?”

“Not directly,” Wright said. “He sent the offer to one of the members of the church, who sent it to me.”

“How much money did he offer you?”

“One hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Wright said.

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Voter Fraud In North Carolina

And the lefties keep telling us voter fraud doesn’t exist:

Three people were charged Thursday with voter fraud after authorities determined that they voted twice in Wake County in the 2008 election, and a fourth was charged with voting twice last year, officials said.

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ACORN Fined Max In Nevada Case

Admittedly, in the big picture, it’s just a slap on the wrist, but at least it’s something:

A judge Wednesday slapped the defunct grass-roots community organizing group ACORN with a maximum $5,000 fine for its role in a voter registration compensation scheme in the 2008 election cycle.

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Think ACORN Isn’t Getting Federal Dollars? Think Again!

They’re still feeding at the federal trough, and apparently not trying all that hard to hide it:

On October 1, 2009, President Obama signed into law legislation known as the Defund ACORN Act that effectively prohibited the federal government from funding “ACORN and any ACORN-related affiliate.” Following a lawsuit filed by ACORN challenging the law, which passed both branches of Congress by wide margins, the federal courts in New York upheld the constitutionality of the funding ban on August 13, 2010. The Supreme Court last month refused to hear ACORN’s appeal of this funding ban.

But a Judicial Watch investigation revealed that, on March 1, 2011, HUD announced a $79,819 federal grant to ACHOA to “educate the public and housing providers about their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local fair housing laws.”

Although the Government Accountability Office issued a controversial advisory opinion in September 2010 stating that ACHOA is a separate entity from ACORN and is therefore not subject to the funding ban, the government’s website listing federal expenditures identifies the organization receiving the $79,819 grant as “ACORN Housing Corporation Inc,” and lists ACORN’s New Orleans, Louisiana, address. Moreover ACHOA maintains the same board of directors, executive director and offices as its predecessor, ACORN Housing Corporation, Inc.

You didn’t really think Team Obama would let ACORN lose its federal funding in advance of his reelection campaign, did you?

Obama Now vs. Obama Then

Let’s compare and contrast, shall we? Set the WABAC machine for February 2009, just after Obama’s inauguration, Sherman…

“Let me say this as plainly as I can,” Obama told the Marines. “By August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end.”

He added: “I intend to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. We will complete this transition to Iraqi responsibility, and we will bring our troops home with the honor that they have earned.”

(emphasis added)

Now, let’s come back to today:

The White House is prepared to keep as many as 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq after the end of the year, amid growing concern that the planned pullout of virtually all remaining American forces would lead to intensified militant attacks, according to U.S. officials.

Personally, I prefer the “now” Obama, because Iraq’s security is probably in our best interests… but what this little trip backwards in time clearly demonstrates is that Obama is your typical Chicago Machine Pol, willing to lie even to his own supporters.

Change? Obama Donors Get Administration Posts

The needle on my hypocrisy meter just pegged

More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events, an investigation by iWatch News has found.

These “bundlers” raised at least $50,000 and sometimes more than $500,000 in campaign donations for Obama’s campaign. Many of those in the “Class of 2008” are now being asked to bundle contributions for Obama’s re-election, an effort that could cost $1 billion.

As a candidate, Obama spoke passionately about diminishing the clout of moneyed interests and making the White House more accessible to everyday Americans. In kicking off his presidential run on Feb. 10, 2007, he blasted “the cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests,” who he said had “turned our government into a game only they can afford to play.”


• Overall, 184 of 556, or about one-third, of Obama bundlers or their spouses joined the administration in some role. But the percentages are much higher for the big-dollar bundlers. Nearly 80 percent of those who collected more than $500,000 for Obama took “key administration posts,” as defined by the White House. More than half the ambassador nominees who were bundlers raised more than half a million.

• The big bundlers had broad access to the White House for meetings with top administration officials and glitzy social events. In all, campaign bundlers and their family members account for more than 3,000 White House meetings and visits. Half of them raised $200,000 or more.

• Some Obama bundlers have ties to companies that stand to gain financially from the president’s policy agenda, particularly in clean energy and telecommunications, and some already have done so. Level 3 Communications, for instance, snared $13.8 million in stimulus money. At least 18 other bundlers have ties to businesses poised to profit from government spending to promote clean energy, telecommunications and other key administration priorities.

In other words, business as usual for the Chicago-trained politician that is Barack Hussein Obama.

The Missing President

Consider the following:

The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.

The newly installed tandem of White House Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe were supposed to impart a new sense of discipline and purpose to the White House. Instead, they are permitting him to showcase himself as a poorly focused leader who has his priorities backward.

This morning, as Japan’s nuclear crisis enters a potentially catastrophic phase, we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks and that we’ll be able to tune into ESPN Wednesday to find out who he likes.

Saturday, he made his 61st outing to the golf course as president, and got back to the White House with just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to party with Washington’s elite journalists at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

With various urgencies swirling about him, Saturday’s weekly videotaped presidential address focusing on “Women’s History Month” seemed bizarrely out of touch.

Obama Friday took time out to honor the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Thursday was a White House conference on bullying – not a bad idea perhaps, but not quite Leader of the Free World stuff either.

Personally, I don’t see this as all that surprising. Obama has made a career out of doing nothing, or at most, Making A Speech (with caps, of course, because it’s So Important when he Makes A Speech). From his college days where he didn’t even pen a single article for the law review he supposedly edited to his “career” as a community organizer (read: rabble-rouser) to the Senate where he famously voted Present practically every time he turned around, Obama has studiously avoided making a real decision or actually doing anything.

So, when real crises flare up, he is not only clueless about what to do, he’s also at least partially sure that if he doesn’t do anything, or at most, Makes A Speech, everything will just work out for the best–for him, at least. After all, it always has before, right? Especially recently, where he more or less won his current seat in the Oval Office on the basis of one speech to the Democratic Convention and a bunch of flowery nothing statements.

I really hate to say it, but lots of us conservatives told you so before this empty suit was elected.

Hillary Donors Indicted

Gotta love those ethical Democrat donors

A federal grand jury indicted two Virginia men on Wednesday for allegedly trying to illegally reimburse donors who gave to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate and presidential campaigns.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has accused the two men, William Danielczyk and Eugene Biagi, of paying back $186,600 in contributions to the Senate and presidential campaign committees of a candidate for federal office, and obstructing the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the FBI.

Though the DOJ does not name the candidate that the men donated to, according to campaign finance records Danielczyk and Biagi donated to Clinton’s 2006 Senate bid and her 2008 presidential campaign.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Hillary herself is in trouble… just some of those fine upstanding citizens who supported her.

Another ACORN Defendant Sentenced For Voter Fraud

Remember ACORN? The authorities in Nevada sure do:

The last individual defendant in the voter registration malfeasance case involving the national grass-roots community organizing group ACORN was sentenced Monday to a year of probation.

District Judge Donald Mosley ordered that Amy Busefink, as part of her probation, must perform 100 hours of community service and pay a $4,000 fine — $3,000 more than recommended by state prosecutors.

Busefink in November pleaded no contest to two counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of compensation for registration of voters, a gross misdemeanor. She entered an Alford plea, which means she didn’t admit guilt but acknowledged that prosecutors could prove their case against her.

And she’s not the only one:

Nevada law states it is “unlawful for a person to provide compensation for registering voters that is based upon the total number of voters a person registers.”

The Nevada attorney general’s office argued that ACORN and Busefink authorized a Las Vegas field operative to run an illegal voter-registration program during the 2008 election cycle that used cash to encourage workers to sign up voters.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also had an illegal quota policy that forced workers to register a certain number of people per shift or face termination, according to authorities.

The field operative who created and ran the incentive program, Christopher Edwards, is serving three years of probation after pleading guilty to two gross misdemeanors.

As part of a plea deal, Edwards must testify against ACORN.

Busefink is a longtime employee of Project Vote; worked in partnership with ACORN in 2008; and oversaw Edwards. Project Vote is a national grass-roots organization that registers voters.

Keep an eye on ACORN or similar efforts (like Project Vote) going into the 2012 elections!

Obama Whines… Like A Dog


“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” [President Obama] told a crowd largely consisting of union members.

The line was a rare departure from a president who normally sticks close to the text of his speech and may forecast a more aggressive tone on the part of Obama as the midterms approach.

Remember how kindly and graciously then-Senator Obama and others of his party and/or ideology treated President Bush?

Right. Neither do I.

As ye sow, Mr. Obama, so shall ye reap. Or, in a lingo perhaps more familiar to one trained in The Chicago Way of Politics: what goes around, comes around.


November 2009:

“There are core strengths to the American economy that will put us in good stead over the long term,” Obama said.

September 2008:

As we noted in a story yesterday evening, the Obama campaign quickly jumped on John McCain’s statement yesterday that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” McCain made the comment on the same day that two major Wall Street institutions effectively collapsed, and the Obama campaign portrayed McCain’s response as evidence that the Republican nominee is “out of touch with what’s going in the lives of ordinary Americans.”

I guess Minitrue hasn’t gotten around to flushing that campaign ad down the memory hole yet.

New Inquiry Into Black Panthers Case

This could be trouble for Attorney General Holder:

The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility has begun an official inquiry into the dismissal in May of a civil complaint against the New Black Panther Party and two of its members who disrupted a Philadelphia polling place during the November general elections.

The inquiry is disclosed in an Aug. 28 letter to Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee who first raised questions about the dismissal in May and asked unsuccessfully that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. make available the head of the department’s Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division for a closed-door briefing on the decision.

In the letter, Mary Patrice Brown, acting OPR counsel, told the veteran congressman from Texas that the office had “initiated an inquiry into the matter” and that it would “contact you with the results of our inquiry once it is completed.” A copy of the letter was obtained by The Washington Times.

It probably would have been a lot better for Mr. Holder if he hadn’t quashed the original inquiry–which smacks of blatant partisanship, because the Black Panthers weren’t there to discourage people from voting for Obama, after all.

Democrats and the Culture of Corruption, Part ten

And now, back to this series highlighting what the self-anointed elite think they can get away with…

Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) — Hassan Nemazee, chairman of Nemazee Capital Corp. and a fundraiser for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was arrested on charges he used phony documents to trick Citigroup Inc. into lending him as much as $74 million.

But wait, it’s not just the Clintons and Obamas that this guy worked for.

Nemazee is one of the leading fundraisers for the Democratic Party. He served as national finance chairman for the Senate committee that works to elect Democrats when it was run by New York Senator Charles Schumer.

And that’s still not all…

Nemazee also served as New York finance chairman for Massachusetts Senator John Kerry during his 2004 run for the presidency.

Ya know, I didn’t see any Republican names in there… did you?

Al Franken Finally Is A U.S. Senator In Spite Of Tax Dodging And Voter Fraud Allegations

Al Franken of Minnesota can now be called “Senator Franken”. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Franken finally won the election, an election that was mired in charges of voter fraud on the part of the Franken campaign [Article - Minnesota Supreme Court declares Franken winner of Senate race].

Former comedian Franken was a Saturday Night Live cast member and script writer. He was also a commentator on the irrelevant “progressive” radio talk show, “Air America Radio”. Franken is no stranger to controversy, which should make him one of the darlings of the Democrat party. He has been known to speak and act in a very bizarre manner and to have displayed flashes of a hair-trigger temper [Article - 1. Al Franken's Blue Ball | 2. Al Franken's Lies | 3. RNLA Director Thielen: Minn. Voters Didn't Elect Al Franken | 4. Mischief in Minnesota?].

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Democrats and the Culture of Corruption, Part Eight

One of Hillary’s fundraisers is facing some time in a room with striped sunlight:

Longtime fundraiser Norman Hsu was convicted Tuesday of violating campaign finance laws in a case that became an embarrassment to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other prominent Democrats.

And here’s some of those “other prominent Democrats”:

Jurors also heard testimony from several investors who recounted how Hsu wowed them by showing off his political connections. Another witness has testified she met President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep. Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island at fundraisers she attended with him.

It wasn’t just campaign donations either:

Hsu’s trial came just days after he pleaded guilty to 10 counts of wire and mail fraud, admitting that he cheated investors of at least $20 million in a Ponzi scheme.

Maybe those Democrats who truly want to clean up the “culture of corruption” (as opposed to those who just want an excuse to bash Republicans) should start in their own backyard.

The Fall Of The Speaker

Nancy Pelosi may well have had the press conference that ends her time as Speaker of the House.

By accusing the CIA of deliberately misleading Congress, she’s changed the entire picture, and I have to wonder if she realizes what she has done.

To start with, we have to realize that the CIA is a government bureaucracy–you know, the sort of organization lampooned by M*A*S*H; the kind of place that has a form to order the form to request more forms; the sort of people who fill out a permission form before–and possibly a report after–having their morning coffee. It’s a near-certainty that somewhere in the vaults at Langley are papers that will conclusively prove to anyone with the intelligence of a flea that Pelosi knew all about waterboarding.

Now, the modern CIA is at least somewhat politicized, and their ideological sympathies are with the Democrats, as shown by their efforts to undermine Bush 43. This explains why they haven’t really gone out of their way to show that Pelosi is lying. However, this new accusation has put the CIA’s back against the wall, because misleading Congress is such an explosive charge. Thus, it’s highly likely that the CIA will now feel that they have no choice but to bring forward the evidence that will prove their side of the story.

Assuming that happens, you’ll probably start to see the offices of other members of Congress start to quietly release their own records supporting the CIA’s version of events. They haven’t done so before either out of party loyalty or fear of what Madame Speaker would do to those that cross her, but once the CIA memos come out, she’s pretty much doomed and you’ll see her colleagues scrambling to “show” that they weren’t on her side.

After all that, it would be a major miracle–and a political blunder of the first magnitude–for Pelosi to keep the Speaker’s gavel. Steny Hoyer, the #2 Democrat in the House, is already starting to distance himself from Pelosi and her wild accusations, which appears to be an indication that he knows Pelosi is going down.

Pelosi has always been a political bomb-thrower, and she was put in the Speaker’s position largely because that was a good place for her to throw bombs at the “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil” George W. Bush. What the Democrats should have realized after the 2008 elections, but apparently didn’t, is that a bomb-thrower just has to throw bombs, and eventually will throw one that will cause more damage to herself and her friends than to her opponents–see also O’Donnell, Rosie.

For giving her the Speaker’s gavel one more time, the Democrats deserve all the problems they’re getting–and will get–because of her.

Democrats and the Culture of Corruption, Part Six

As if cheating on his wife wasn’t bad enough:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — His once-prominent political career is buried and the turmoil of his marriage is playing out in public. Now, John Edwards is facing a federal inquiry.

The two-time Democratic presidential candidate acknowledged Sunday that investigators are assessing how he spent his campaign funds — a subject that could carry his extramarital affair from the tabloids to the courtroom. Edwards’ political action committee paid more than $100,000 for video production to the firm of the woman with whom Edwards had an affair.

The former North Carolina senator said in a carefully worded statement that he is cooperating.

“I am confident that no funds from my campaign were used improperly,” Edwards said in the statement. “However, I know that it is the role of government to ensure that this is true. We have made available to the United States both the people and the information necessary to help them get the issue resolved efficiently and in a timely matter.”

While Edwards focused his comment on campaign funds, he also had a range of other fundraising organizations — including two nonprofits and a poverty center at his alma mater — that have come under scrutiny.

Chief among them was the PAC that paid Rielle Hunter’s company for several months in 2006 for Web videos that documented Edwards’ travels and advocacy in the months leading up to his 2008 presidential campaign. The committee also paid her firm an additional $14,086.50 on April 1, 2007.

Edwards acknowledged the affair with Hunter last year, months after dropping his presidential bid.

At the time of the 2007 payment, the PAC only had $7,932.95 in cash on hand, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission. That day, according to the records, Edwards’ presidential campaign paid the PAC $14,034.61 for what is listed as a “furniture purchase.”

Willfully converting money from a political action committee for personal use is a federal crime.

Now, which party had the “culture of corruption” again?

Good Question

Mike Wallace of Fox News Sunday inquires of Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), who supports trying Bush administration officials for “war crimes”:

WALLACE: Senator Levin, let me just present a hypothetical to you. What if the next president decides that President Obama, in the decision he has made to continue these drone attacks over Pakistan, where they fire missiles on Al Qaida operatives and also innocent civilians — what if the next president decides that that is a war crime? Should he go ahead and prosecute the Obama team?

As I said before, once you open this particular can of worms, it’s not gonna be easy to get them back into the can. Are ya listening, Senator Levin?

Biased Polling 101

I don’t post a lot on polls here, primarily because I believe that most modern polls are biased. And just today a new poll was posted that provides a very good example.

WASHINGTON – For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public’s mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future.


And yet, the percentage of Americans saying the country is headed in the right direction rose to 48 percent, up from 40 percent in February. Forty-four percent say the nation is on the wrong track.

Now, if you just read the article, you’d think that the pollsters had used a fairly balanced group of respondents to come up with those numbers.

However, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of that article, and click the link labeled “Poll site,” then go all the way back to page 21 of the .pdf version of the report, you find something interesting: the poll respondents were 36% Democrat, 18% Republican, 26% claimed to be “independent,” 18% claimed to be “none,” and 1% refused to answer at all. In other words, this poll uses twice as many Democrats as Republicans! Now, I dunno exactly what the percentages of Democrats and Republicans are in this nation, but in the last national election the Democratic candidate only got about 53% of the vote, and the Republican candidate got around 46%… hardly the two-to-one slant used in this poll.

Now, consider this… they had to oversample Democrats by a two-to-one margin in order to get a 48% “right track” result… makes one wonder what the results would be if they’d used a sample closer to the D-to-R ratio of the election, doesn’t it? I daresay it would be nowhere near 48%.

Will The Democrats Demand The Return Of These Earnings?

Looks like it’s not just AIG executives and employees who’ve been raking in the big bucks:

Lawrence Summers, the chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, collected roughly $5.2 million in compensation from hedge fund D.E. Shaw over the past year and was paid more than $2.7 million in speaking fees from several troubled Wall Street firms and other organizations.

Financial disclosure forms released late Friday by the White House show that many of Obama’s top aides earned generous salaries, investment income and fees for delivering speeches and serving on corporate boards. National Security Adviser James L. Jones, for example, earned $1.1 million last year board compensation from five corporations, including Boeing Corp.

Two of Obama’s closest advisers from Chicago earned large sums as well. David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist, received $1.55 million in compensation from the public affairs firms he co-owned and agreed to sell his ownership stake for $3 million over five years, his form shows. Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett earned $850,000 in salary and deferred compensation from Habitat Executive Services, Inc., as well as $346,687 in directors’ fees from groups including Navigant Consulting and manufacturing firm USG Corp., according to the documents.

But Summers, a leading architect of the administration’s economic policies and response to the global recession, appears to have collected the most income. Financial institutions including JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch paid Summers for speaking appearances in 2008. Fees ranged from $45,000 for a Nov. 12 Merrill Lynch appearance to $135,000 for an April 16 visit to Goldman Sachs, according to his disclosure form.

Will we see Obama inveigh against such exorbitant fees? Will Pelosi’s House vote on a bill to tax these earnings at 90%? Will we see leftymedia outlets lining up to denounce the greed of these people?

Don’t hold your breath.


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