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NC Democratic Party Executive Director Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

Yet another Democrat resignation under a cloud of suspicion:

The executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party resigned Sunday as calls for his ouster mounted amid questions regarding a secret agreement to pay a former staffer to keep quiet about sexual harassment allegations.

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“Moderate” Democrat Calls For Cheney’s Execution

Just to show how “moderate” a “moderate” Democrat really is (emphasis in original):

Rep. Chuck Kruger (D-Thomaston), the Democrat chair of the Maine legislature’s Moderate Caucus, used his Twitter account to express his view that former Vice President Dick Cheney should be executed. This comment has led some to question the validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.

Kruger made the statement through his Twitter account this past summer, saying, “Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,” a reference to technology that would allow Kruger to watch the proposed execution of the former Vice President of the United States.

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Barone’s Wisconsin GOP Recall Post-Mortem

The always-analytical Michael Barone looks at the results from the 6 elections to recall GOP state senators in Wisconsin, and runs some numbers. Here’s what he sees:

My conclusion: these results show Republicans about as strong as they were in 2010, when Republican Scott Walker was elected governor by a 52%-46% margin, and they show Democrats weaker than they were in 2008, when Barack Obama carried Wisconsin 56%-42%.  That was my conclusion as well when I compared Barack Obama’s 2011 Gallup job approval in the 50 states with the popular vote for the House in 2010.

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Tennessee Democrat Needs To Find A Sense Of Humor

Maybe he could take some of his legislator’s salary and buy one, because he sure doesn’t have one now.

KNOXVILLE – Breath mints packaged in a tin can poking fun at President Barack Obama have been pulled from the shelves at the University of Tennessee bookstore after local legislator Joe Armstrong told store officials he was offended by the mints.

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Not A Completely Novel Idea But One Worth Returning To

I received the below via email today and, as yet, have not checked the veracity of the claims on amendment passage and such.  I’ve also removed the “pass it on” part simply because this is a blog, not an email.  If you find merit in the ideas then feel free to “pass it on” as you wish.  I have a quibble with the name of the “Act” and the use of the constitutional amendment process.  I believe the original author intended for the bullet points to be a Constitutional Amendment instead of an “Act of Congress”.  As such, I ask for the reader to supply appropriate names for it.

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A “Regretful Obama Voter” Explains Politics Today

…and she does a pretty good job of it.

I thought conservatives and Republicans were the ones who were really dishonest about facts and wanting suppress my freedoms. I have found, however, that conservatives and Republicans are much more honest and liberalism really does not function well when reality and facts are ubiquitous.


I didn’t start turning toward conservatives until I started turning away from liberals, realizing they were so dishonest. Once I started to really research more facts, I realized that, all this time, conservatives were the ones who were more honest and more educated about the facts. As I said earlier, it was really a political tsunami for me, it was painful and hard to go through. It is hard to believe that all the while you believed you were intelligent, yet allowed yourself to be grossly misled.

One more:

Liberals in general tend to use emotional weaponry as their tool, and that is exactly what I receive. When I try to present rational facts, I do not receive facts in return. I receive emotional verbal assaults designed to make me feel unkind and inhumane.

I have learned, the hard way, not to argue with most of them because they are not interested in facts/realities, they are only interested in pushing emotional buttons because they believe that is what wins the argument.

Read the whole thing… this lady really has her head screwed on straight.

Quote Of The Week

Sorry for slow blogging, family emergency mid-week has made things rather hectic around here.

Here’s a thought from Paul A. Rahe that I hope will get your brain cells working, tho:

Thanks to the Progressives, we now live in the worst of times, and we also live in the best of times. Our greatest misfortune is our greatest good fortune. Thanks to our benefactor Barack Obama, we live at the moment – one hundred years after the initial victory of Progressivism – when the tyrannical character of the administrative state is becoming evident to one and all, when with the help of what my friend Michael Barone calls “gangster government,” we are being made aware that, due to our abandonment of federalism and the separation of powers, we now live under a government that is irresponsible in every sense of the word. Put bluntly, President Obama is giving us the political education that we were denied in the schools and universities that the Progressives have crafted for our indoctrination. Unpleasant as it is to be confronted with gangster government, it is enlightening – and now, for the first time in my lifetime, we are in a position to think clearly about our options. No one is kidding anyone any more, and no one is pretending. We are witnessing the Great Unmasking. As William Blake once said, it is the road of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom. For us, alas, there is no other way.

Read the whole thing. Really.

Dr. Sanity, The Left, And The Left’s Narcissism

Dr. Sanity has posted part 2 of her essays on “The Political Left And The Seven Deadly Sins Of Narcissism,” and as usual, it’s worth reading. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite (emphasis in original):

The psychological defect in malignant narcissism is a broken or distorted sense of one’s SELF. The excessive self-esteem and swaggering arrogance that you see in a typical bully comes from a distortion of reality that person has with regard to their own self. It was once widely believed that low self-esteem was a cause of violence–and you see that idea reflected today in the platitudes and rationalizations for terrorism or any destructive behavior– but, the reality is that most violent individuals, groups and nations think very well of themselves.

The triumvarate of cognitive contradictions promulgated by today’s narcissistic left, and which claim to be based on “scientific” psychology includes the hyping of (1) self-esteem (i.e., increasing your self-worth without having to achieve anything; (2) hope (i.e., achieving your goals without any real effort) and (3) victimhood (i.e.,it’s not your fault that you haven’t achieved anything or made any effort).

Read the whole thing, as usual.

Dr. Sanity On The Narcissistic Sins Of The Left

Psychiatrist and blogger Dr. Pat Santy, who blogs under the appropriate name of Dr. Sanity, has started a series of posts about The Political Left And The Seven Deadly Sins Of Narcissism.

It’s hard to excerpt such a post, but this should give you a little taste:

The ideology of the political left in all its various iterations–socialist, communist, radical environmentalism, progressive; call it what you will– is, at its core an essentially narcissistic and self-indulgent pursuit of power, with all the unhealthy psychological attributes that implies

This is not to suggest that narcissism or sociopathy exit merely within the political left. Clearly it does not. But, having made that qualification, today’s progressive leftist is steeped in and encouraged by an ideology that rewards only feelings and not critical thinking or truth; fantasy and not reality; and good intentions instead of actual outcome in the real world. The seven deadly sins of narcissism outlined above lead the the poor, innocent and unsuspecting lefist into cognitive dissonance in his thinking patterns and wreak all sorts of misery and spiritual destruction on the people who are the targets of the leftists’ supposed goodwill.

But they neither care nor notice, since the primary determinant of why they do what they do is to make themselves feel good; to escape for one brief moment the emptiness of their own individual souls and the self-hatred and rage that motivate them.

Part 1 deals with the first two of these sins, and I’m definitely looking forward to part 2.

Rise Of The Racers

Tony Katz adds a new term to the political lexicon:

Thus, I coined the term “Race-ers.”  Race-ers are those people who are completely consumed with race. They are the ones who believe that any opposition to Obama, his policies or him personally, is solely based on the racism of the opponent.  As political correctness exists only to silence opposition, the Race-er uses racism to silence their opposition.  Further, the Race-er sees racism everywhere.  Nothing can be judged on its merits, as the merits (for the Race-er) are simply insignificant.  My colleague at Pajamas Media picked up on this in an article he wrote yesterday.

Consider it added, Tony… we’ve had Truthers, we’ve had Birthers, now we have Racers.

Docs Who Wrote Fake Sick Notes To Be Disciplined

Looks like the doctors who wrote notes to allow people–especially teachers–to skip work and attend the Madison protests are gonna face at least some discipline:

UW Health doctors who wrote sick notes for protesters at the Capitol in February face penalties up to a loss of pay and leadership positions, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health said Tuesday.

The medical school reviewed 22 UW Health doctors said to have been involved in writing medical excuses for protesters attending rallies over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposals, according to a medical school statement.

“Several” of the doctors were found not to have participated, and among those who were involved “the nature and extent of involvement varied widely,” the statement said.

“Personnel action will be based on the specific nature of the offense and the level of the physician’s involvement,” the statement said. “The consequences range from written reprimand to loss of pay and leadership position.”

Depending on what “leadership position” they lose, and how much pay gets docked, this could actually be some serious discipline for these folks… or it could turn out to be a slap on the wrist for appearance’s sake. And it appears that we may never know:

The statement didn’t identify the doctors, citing public employee records laws, and said “the school will not comment on individual cases.”

However, this isn’t the end of their possible troubles:

The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board are investigating eight people who allegedly wrote notes, the agencies said last week.

The Wisconsin Medical Society criticized the doctors’ actions, saying they threatened the public’s trust in the medical profession.

Yes, when doctors put politics ahead of good medicine, that threatens the public’s trust. Too bad these doctors weren’t smart enough to figure that out before.

Even Skewed Polling Can’t Lift Obama’s Approval Rating

As most regular readers know, I am a confirmed skeptic of polling. One of the reasons is that the samples are frequently heavily skewed in the favor of the Democrats. Now come two polls on the same day that demonstrate that skew, but even that can’t lift Obama’s approval rating over 50%.

The first poll, from ABC News and the Washington Post, has Obama’s approval rating at 47%:

In the survey, 47 percent approve of the job Obama is doing, down seven points since January. Half of all Americans disapprove of his job performance, with 37 percent saying they “strongly disapprove,” nearly matching the worst level of his presidency.

Driving the downward movement in Obama’s standing are renewed concerns about the economy and fresh worry about rising prices, particularly for gasoline. Despite signs of economic growth, 44 percent of Americans see the economy as getting worse, the highest percentage to say so in more than two years.

The toll on Obama is direct: 57 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing dealing with the economy, tying his highest negative rating when it comes to the issue. And the president is doing a bit worse among politically important independents.

However, the poll gives a 10 point edge to Democrats:

Let’s take a look at the sample, shall we?  In January, when the WaPo/ABC survey gave Obama a 54% approval rating, it came from a sample with a 10-point edge for Democrats, with a D/R/I of 33/23/38.  Their pollster apparently never bothered to pay attention to Gallup or Rasmussen on party affiliation, both of whom show dead heats between the two parties, with Rasmussen showing a slight edge to Democrats this month, 35.3% to 34.0%.  Today’s WaPo/ABC sample is just as ludicrous as last December at 32/22/41, which I’d remind people is three points wider than Barack Obama’s popular-vote margin of victory in 2008 — and that included independents and crossover Republicans.

Get that… even with a 10-point advantage to his own party, Obama’s approval is still below 50%!

Confirmation that Obama is in deep doo-doo comes from a Marist/McClatchy poll with similarly skewed numbers:

When it comes to Mr. Obama’s overall job performance, voters remain tepid.  Currently, 44% of registered voters approve of how the president is doing in office compared with 49% who disapprove.  Six percent are unsure.

And the partisan split?

Its sample has a +8 advantage for Democrats with a D/R/I of 35/27/36, which oversamples Democrats at the expense of the GOP.

Again, an 8-point edge, and Obama can’t break the 50% barrier.

And yet this overweening narcissist is still spitting in the face of the majority of the nation. If this keeps up, I doubt Obama will ever see 50% approval again.

Democrat Message Coordination Revealed!

There’s a very good reason Democrats all sound like parrots when it comes to their talking points… the talking points are pre-planned (emphasis added):

Moments before a conference call with reporters was scheduled to get underway on Tuesday morning, Charles E. Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, apparently unaware that many of the reporters were already on the line, began to instruct his fellow senators on how to talk to reporters about the contentious budget process.

After thanking his colleagues — Barbara Boxer of California, Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland, Thomas R. Carper of Delaware and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut — for doing the budget bidding for the Senate Democrats, who are facing off against the House Republicans over how to cut spending for the rest of the fiscal year, Mr. Schumer told them to portray John A. Boehner of Ohio, the speaker of the House, as painted into a box by the Tea Party, and to decry the spending cuts that he wants as extreme. “I always use the word extreme,” Mr. Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use this week.”

And it’s not just one report that says that Schumer let the cat out of the bag, there’s a second:

Schumer instructed the group, made up of Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, to tell reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate.

He told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as “extreme.”

“I always use extreme, Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use.”

Someone must have finally told Schumer that the media were listening and he stopped talking midsentence.


The four senators came on the call after Schumer abruptly went silent and followed Schumer’s script closely.

Yes, there’s a reason that Dems almost always use the same terms… they rehearse them beforehand. And then, like good little robots, they march out and follow the program.

Richard Daley: Government Can’t Keep Growing

One more thing checked off my list of Things I Never Thought I’d Do: agree with outgoing Chicago mayor Richard Daley:

“The cost of government has to go down. It can’t keep growing. It has to someway level off,” Daley said, adding that it was “unacceptable” to burden another generation with the costs of paying down debt.

“I don’t think the taxpayers at the present and in the future can afford the costs of government,” Daley said. “I don’t believe they can, because the cost of government is going up faster than the cost that you can bear in your own pocketbook. I firmly believe that. It cannot go up so significantly each year for the cost of government. And that’s why you have to look at the value” of various government services to taxpayers.”


“Our teachers work six hours a day. Six hours a day. What do you think of that? Thirty hours a week,” Daley said. “I’m not condemning all the teachers, but you know, there has to be a time and place for everybody to have to give to the less fortunate. … Unions have to understand, that you have a responsibility. It’s not just a paycheck.”

On that point, he’s absolutely correct. Government has to shrink, and it has to be soon, before the entire economy falls apart.

Palin Not A Birther

I’m not sure how much the Palinistas and Birthers overlap, but I am suspecting that there is at least some, and those people are gonna be chagrined at this:

“Do you question his [Obama's] faith and citizenship?” Palin was asked today during an onstage interview hostedby the Long Island Association. Her answer was brief and to the point.

“I don’t, and those are distractions,” she said to some applause. “What we’re concerned about is the economy. And we’re concerned about the policies coming out of his administration and what he believes in terms of biggovernment or private sector. So, no, the faith, the birth certificate, others can engage in that kind ofconversation. It’s distracting. It gets annoying and let’s just stick with what really matters.”

I happen to agree. The whole Birther and He’s-a-closet-Muslim things are merely distractions, and he’s playing them well–whether deliberately or accidentally–to distract a certain segment of the population from what he is doing to the economy, even if it only takes away part of their attention.

As a famous fiction book series said, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. And the main thing has gotta be getting our economy back in order and the debt and deficit under control. So kudos to Sarahcuda for recognizing that.

And I Thought Crosshairs On Political Things Was Bad

I guess not when you’re a teacher’s union protesting a Republican governor, to wit, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin:

I eagerly await all the lefties that denounced Sarah Palin’s map with crosshairs also denouncing this sign.

But holding my breath, I am not.

Farewell, DLC.

Looks like there’s not enough centrist Democrats to keep the lights on at the Democratic Leadership Council any more:

The Democratic Leadership Council, the iconic centrist organization of the Clinton years, is out of money and could close its doors as soon as next week, a person familiar with the plans said Monday.

The DLC, a network of Democratic elected officials and policy intellectuals had long been fading from its mid-’90s political relevance, tarred by the left as a symbol of “triangulation” at a moment when there’s little appetite for intra-party warfare on the center-right. The group tried — but has failed — to remake itself in the summer of 2009, when its founder, Al From, stepped down as president. Its new leader, former Clinton aide Bruce Reed, sought to remake the group as a think tank, and the DLC split from its associated think tank, the Progressive Policy Institute.

But Reed left the DLC last year himself to serve as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, leaving Ed Gresser, a trade expert, to lead the group in the interim. Since then the board “hasn’t been able to find someone who wanted to come on in a permanent capacity,” a person familiar with the group’s woes said, with the central problem the difficulty of raising money for a Democratic group that isn’t seen as an ally of the White House.

Of course, it’s possible that the recent elections, where a number of so-called moderate Democrats who nonetheless voted for ObamaCare and other lefty policies got pink slips from the voters, had something to do with the decline of the DLC.

Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel Ineligible To Run For Chicago Mayor

Guess, what, Rahm-bo? An Illinois appellate court has just handed you a dead fish of your very own.

“A candidate must meet not only the Election Code’s voter residency standard, but also must have actually resided within the municipality for one year prior to the election, a qualification that the candidate unquestionably does not satisfy,” the court stated in the decision.

Of course, he is going to appeal, which may set up the most-watched court case since Bush v. Gore.

Afternoon Must-Read

Here’s your teaser:

People on the left hate Palin for one simple reason: because she is everything they are not.  She is their polar opposite because her life journey has diverged from the prescribed liberal path.

Read the whole thing.

Lefties Still Living In The Past

From MSNBC this morning:

(Sorry, WordPress doesn’t seem to want to embed the video)

For Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Deutch’s information, Arizona adopted MLK Day in 1992. Even Time agrees:

Most famously, all three Arizona House Republicans including current Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, voted against the bill in ’83. The state did not vote in favor of recognizing the holiday until 1992, not only rejecting pleas from Reagan and then Arizona governor Evan Mecham but also losing the NFL’s support when the league moved Super Bowl XXVII from Sun Devil Stadium, in Tempe, to California in protest.

But, hey, why let the facts stand in the way of a good smear of a largely Republican state?


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