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Obama As Forrest Gump

If you remember the 1994 film Forrest Gump, the title character finds himself as part of the biggest events in the 20th century. Not satisfied with being one-upped by a fictional character from nearly two decades ago, the Narcissist-in-Chief has inserted himself into the biographies of quite a few past Presidents:

Talk about giving yourself a pat on the back, when you read Reagan’s bio you will find that Obama is continuing his good work on the Regan [sic] tax reform with his own budget known nationwide as the “Buffet Rule.” According to the New York Post, this “sounded like a joke” at first, but come to find out it wasn’t.

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Obama’s “Forward” Slogan Has Socialist & Marxist Pedigree

A mistake, or intentional?

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!” or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called “Forward (generic name of socialist publications).”

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Ten Years After 9/11: Where Were You?

Open thread, for people to reminisce where they were on that fateful day.

I was working nights in Spokane, WA. When I got up early that afternoon, I turned on Fox News (as was my habit), and immediately saw what was happening.

Later I asked my friends and family why they didn’t wake me up to tell me what was going on.

Work that night was… surreal.

And a couple of appropriate songs… one is a little dated (references to Bin Ladin), but still appropriate.

The Berlin Wall Turns 50 Today

Ilya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy has some thoughts:

First and foremost, Cold War-era Berlin was the most visible demonstration of the superiority of capitalism and democracy over communism and dictatorship. Despite the fact that East Germany had one of the highest standards of living in the Soviet bloc, it had to build a wall to keep its people from fleeing to the capitalist West. By contrast, West Germans and other westerners were free to move to the communist world anytime they wanted. Yet only a tiny handful ever did so. Decisions to “vote with your feet” are often even better indicators of peoples’ true preferences than ballot box voting, since foot voters have better incentives to become well-informed about the alternatives before them. Even more powerful evidence is the reality that many East Germans and others fled from communism even when doing so meant risking their lives.

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Ahem. Hitler Did Not Ban Unions.

Just a quick hit to help my readers debunk the idea that Hitler banned unions in Nazi Germany.

In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car.

Read the whole thing. Really.

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

Let us remember a black day in American history:

Jim Morgan was sleeping a little late on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941.

His mother, Beryl, had tried to wake him up at about 7:30, but the 9-year-old, whose family lived at the Navy base at Pearl Harbor, didn’t stir until she came back about 25 minutes later.

He got up just in time to witness history out his bedroom window.

“I said, ‘Look, Ma! There’s a fire at the submarine base.’ “

At that same moment, Russell Meyne was sitting down to a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in the mess hall at Pearl Harbor’s Hickam Air Base, 2 miles away. He was hoping to revitalize himself after a night of drinking beer with his buddies, celebrating their selection to a group that would be heading to the mainland for flight training.

Suddenly, everything changed.

“The table almost bounced up and down, and all the pots and pans in the kitchen started falling on the floor,” said Meyne, an Army private at the time, now 91 and treasurer of the South Carolina branch of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association.

“Then the bombing got really exciting.”

To those survivors still with us: You are not forgotten around my home.

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

The first two battalions of United States Marines were formed 10 November 1775, and they’ve been kicking butt and taking names ever since–Marines have served in every single armed conflict America’s been a part of.

If you know a Marine (and I do), thank them today.

Semper Fidelis!

Obama Staffer Gets Inspiration From Mao Tse Tung?

White House communications director Anita Dunn, who recently acted as proxy of the Obama administration by making what was tantamount to a declaration of war on Fox News, has particularly chosen one rather infamous individual as an object of her admiration:

For those of you who don’t know your world history, Mao Tse Tung became the leader of communist China. He didn’t just repudiate dissenters, he eliminated them. He murdered millions of people—anybody who opposed him or who were perceived to be a threat to and/or enemy of the “community” or “state”. He claimed to be doing what he did for the greater good of the “community” or “collective” of his country. The freedoms and liberties we have enjoyed and presently enjoy in the United States were non-existent in Mao’s China. Although the government of China has eased up on a fraction of their draconian policies, the people of China are still not free, as we would define it. Why would  their government constantly be cited for human rights violations, if they were truly free?

Is one of the most hideous, vile and detestable individuals in human history a person to be respected or admired? Why does Ms. Dunn find Mao Tse Tung to be a source of inspiration? I find it almost sacrilegious that she actually mentions him in the same breath as Mother Teresa. In fact, the two were polar opposites on a grand scale. Leaders like Mao despised people like Mother Teresa. They despised religion and viewed it as “the opium of the people”.

Ms. Dunn invalidates her feelings about Mother Teresa with the praise she gives to Chairman Mao. Did both of their philosophies have valid points that could somehow be extracted, combined and put into application? Mother Teresa’s life was that of love, kindness, mercy, charity and compassionate care. What good ever came from communism? Is oppression good? What good comes from cruelty and mass murder? Why would Ms. Dunn choose Mao Tse Tung’s political philosophy as one to emulate, if she does not share at least some of the same political beliefs as Mao? Wouldn’t that imply that she resides in whole or in part, on the same ideological plane as Tung? Which ideology would that be [Article - Anita Dunn: Mao Tse Tung Fan?]?

Remember, if you want to discover the direction Obama’s policies are taking, look at the people whom he surrounds himself with (his words, not ours).

Obama: Iran Secretly Built Another Uranium Enrichment Facility

President Obama said that Iran has another uranium enrichment facility, which is in clear violation of U.N. resolutions [Article - 1. Iran Reveals Existence of Second Uranium Enrichment Plant | 2. Leaders React to Iran’s Nuclear Facility | 3. Iran's key nuclear sites].

This is no revelation to those who have been researching and investigating Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran has been building up its nuclear program since 1974. The program was in stasis for a few years as a result of the 1979 revolution, but started back up in the 1990s.

The G.W. Bush administration had been ramping up pressure on Iran to cease enriching uranium for the express purpose of producing weapons. However, this was seen by state-run media and leftist politicians as a tactic to divert attention away from Iraq, Afghanistan and the global war on terror. Not surprisingly, their views on Iran have changed, since Obama became President.

What the present leaders of European nations and the United States fail to recognize is that Iran and other nations like it don’t play by the so-called rules. They don’t care about world opinion. They share the same goal, that being world domination, at any cost. There can be a million sanctions against Iran and it won’t stop them in their quest to destroy those who don’t share their world view or their fanatical ideological views [Article - Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights'].

I share the same sentiments as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in his most recent address to the U.N. General Assembly: Read More…

Obama European Missile Defense Decision: FAIL

President Obama’s announcement to scrap missile defense systems for Poland and the Czech Republic came on the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland [Article - 1. EDITORIAL: Obama's anniversary gift to Russia | 2. Obama not smooth on Gdansk | 3. Clinton: Not about Russia, but Iran 4. Russia's Putin says U.S. shield decision positive].

History records:

On 17 September the Red Army crossed the Polish border in the east, in fulfilment of the secret agreement within the Nazi-Soviet Pact, and ended any prospect of Poland’s survival.

Historical reference: Invasion of Poland

The invasion, which was done in tandem with Nazi Germany, ushered in the most deadly and destructive war in world history. No other war before or after, has caused as much destruction of property and as many deaths as World War 2 did.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anybody that Obama, who is a product of those who taught leftist revisionist history, would be unaware of a moment in history that is indelibly marked in the hearts and minds of the Polish people. Another great moment in the annals of Obama foreign policy [Article - Barack Obama vows to 'change the world']. After all, part of his presidential campaign was run on repairing the world reputation of the United States: Read More…

President Obama Scraps Eastern European Missile Defense System

President Obama has decided to scrap the missile defense systems in eastern Europe [Article - 1. Barack Obama surrenders to Russia on Missile Defence | 2. Analysis: Shelving missile shield may coax Moscow to help curb Iranian nuclear ambitions]. The groundwork for the defense system was laid down by President George W. Bush in response to long-range nuclear missile threat, particularly in reference to possible future missile launches from Iran. The Obama decision pleases Russia and has invoked mixed feelings from people in Poland and the Czech Republic. It has been assessed that eastern Europe is not under any serious threat from a long-range missile attack [Article - 1. East Europe: Rancor, relief on missile shield plan | 2. U.S. scraps missile defense shield plans | 3. President Obama Retreats on Third-Site Missile Defenses].

Efforts will be concentrated on defending against short to medium-range missiles instead. It has been proposed that a more mobile, multi-homing defense system be implemented, rather than using ground-based missile defenses that do not have multi-homing capabilities.

Remember the words of Barack Obama, before he was elected as President:

For your reading pleasure: Read More…

9/12 Protestors: Do They Know What They’re Protesting About?

Besides far-left ideologues and Kool-Aid-drinking Obamatons [Article - 1. WaPo Promotes Story That 9-12 Marchers Are Racist: 'They Don't Even Know What They Are Protesting' | 2. Axelrod: Protests may not mean much], does anybody have any doubt what the 9/12 protests in Washington, D.C. and across the country were about [Article - 9/12 was a transformative event]? If you are one of those who is still wondering what the 9/12 demonstrations were all about, please refer to the following:


Celebrating the 9/12 rallies; Turnout estimated at 2 million; Update: How many?; FreedomWorks in error

Photos Of 9-12 Project/ Tea Party Demonstration In Washington DC, September 12, 2009

Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital

It’s not about party affiliation, race, nationality, background, age, gender or religion. It’s about freedom and liberty. It’s about being an American and holding true to the principles that the Founding Fathers based our country and our country’s government on. It’s about coming together to further a common belief:

“…that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The Gettysburg Address

September 11, 2001: A Day Of Remembrance

September 11, 2001



9/11 Memories

Open thread for posting your memories of where you were and what you were doing on 9/11 eight years ago.

There will be no–I say again, no–posting of political opinions in this thread, including but not limited to “Truther” theories.

As for me, I was working nights at the time, and had gotten up around 1 pm to get ready for work. I turned on Fox News, saw what was happening, and immediately called my parents with the question, “why didn’t you call me and wake me up?”

Work that night was very somber. We dealt with a lot of stuff that came in via airplane from nearby states, and of course with all flights canceled, there was a mad scramble to figure out how to get the stuff to us, since most of it was time-sensitive, and at the time we had no idea how long the planes were going to be grounded. At least half the staff had brought in portable radios (including me), and were listening for news of another attack, which, at the time, we thought was at least possible.

Okay, enough of my memories… where were you and what were you doing that September morning?

Lest We Forget

CIA Agents “Outed” By Leftist Zealots

Another example of leftist hypocrisy and minimization [Article - 1. ACLU investigated for exposing CIA agents to terrorists | 2. DOJ: ACLU May Have Exposed CIA Operatives' IDs].

The ACLU has long since outlived its usefulness. The “John Adams Project” is endorsed by the ACLU [Released Statement - John Adams Project - Statement of Anthony D. Romero]. Fox News tried to ask a “John Adams Project” member questions about the revealing of photos and IDs of CIA agents to terrorists. This was the response they got:

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Stimulus: If It Was Good For Nazi Germany, It Is Good For Us

With all of the accusations flying from leftist Democrats, media outlets, etc. about anti-government health care town hall protestors, conservative media pundits and conservative talk radio hosts being Nazis, the vast hypocrisy of the left becomes even more exposed and abundantly clear. According to left-wingers, TEA party protestors and others like them are doing much to emulate “right-wing” Nazism.

A few months back, the New York Times published an article about the Obama “stimu-less”, entitled Stimulus Thinking, and Nuance.

I couldn’t find anything on this subject from any other media outlets, including Fox News. Although The New York Times has not established a record of being a conservative news source, are we to conclude that the article by David Leonhardt was written with a right-wing point-of-view? Since the left has attributed conservative and/or right-wing beliefs and causes (erroneously so) to those of Nazism, are we to assume that Nazi Germany’s stimulus plan was a conservative and/or right-wing success story [Article - Hitler's Economics]?

National Review Online has an article entitled Nazis for Me, but Not for Thee, explaining the previously-cited New York Times article. The NRO article does not denounce the NYT for publishing the article and I happen to agree with NRO. The NYT should not be denounced for several reasons.

First, the article does not endorse all or even most of the policies of Nazi Germany, just Hitler’s economic reforms that started in 1933. Second, a comparison between Nazi Germany’s economic policies were compared to those of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration and the Japanese stimulus of the 1990s, from which an opinion was extrapolated from that comparison. Third, the article was written to give more credence to President Obama’s stimulus plan and to prove that stimulus has worked in the past. Surely the examples that history has on record of the “successes” of stimulus are not limited to only those of Nazi Germany and Japan in the early 1990s. There have to be better examples to glean experiences from, right? How about from the era of FDR? No, the author of the NYT article wrote:

“When governments have taken aggressive steps to soften an economic decline, they have succeeded. The Germans did it in the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt did so more haltingly, and had more halting results.”

Apparently, the economic policies of FDR were not as aggressive as the economic policies of Adolf Hitler. Of course, history points out that FDR’s economic policies did not pull the country out of the depression, but that it was in fact the advent of World War II that did. Since the NYT article was written by an objective “right-winger”, let’s ignore history on that fact (sarc-off).

Pertaining to the NYT article, the previously-mentioned NRO article hits the nail right on the head:

“Nazi Germany is a useful historical example of socialism run amok. The genocide and terrorism ultimately practiced by the Nazis were horrible — that goes without saying. But National Socialism went on for a dozen years, it was the last stage in a progressive nationalization of German society, and there was a lot more to it than genocide and terrorism. It cannot be that because there was genocide and terrorism, the socialist aspects of National Socialism are outside the lines of acceptable political discourse.”

The NRO article further states:

“The wisdom vel non of policies adopted during over a decade of Nazi socialism cannot be off the table simply because, in the end, the Nazis were monsters. We may find the seeds of their monstrousness in those policies, or we may not. But the thought that we should not talk about them is absurd. Notably, Leonhardt’s piece ran without any teeth-gnashing from Mort Kondracke and our other Beltway chaperones.”

History shows that Germany’s economic policy became a “means to an end” economic policy. They used their economic restructuring for the good of the few, not the many. They used their economy to build a deadly military juggernaut and to murder millions on innocents. Germany’s economy became fraught with widespread corruption, fraud, favoritism and theft. The people of Germany became the creators of their own demise. They were gradually transformed into wards of the state, no longer entrusted with the ability of individual thought, freedom and responsibility. In the end, the policies of Adolf Hitler and his various reichsministers or “czars”, led to the destruction of the country of Germany and a large number of its populace.

A history lesson for all of us because history has the uncanny ability of repeating itself.

Leftist Politicians And Media Outlets Continue To Demonize Average Americans

Leftist politicians and media talking heads are focusing on average American citizens who don’t want increased government control of their everyday lives. They have concentrated their efforts on demonizing those very Americans who don’t want a government takeover of the U.S. health care system. They have enlisted their “community organizing” and special interest groups to intimidate ordinary Americans. So far, they have accused concerned American citizens who are more informed about health care reform legislation than they are, of being organized, while at the same time disorganized, unruly, swastika-carrying, RNC and anti-health care reform lobbyist-funded Nazi mobs and “astroturf”. So much for the caring, compassionate, civil and tolerant left.

Now the Marxist George Soros has thrown his hat into the ring with a huge contribution to Health Care For America Now, a group dedicated to passing Obama’s health care plan [Article - Meet The New Health Czar]. Of course, Soros may be one of the world’s biggest leftist hypocrites. He is a billionaire, ladies and gentlemen. The very type of person that President Obama and the American left is supposed to hate. Soros does not have to worry about his health care because he can afford it, no matter what the cost is. All Mr. Soros cares about himself and the destruction of the United States of America. Mr. Soros is perfectly fine with Americans intimidating other Americans. He is perfectly fine that everything in our country is taken over by the government. To him, it doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we get there.

It’s been brought up here in ACW before, but it bears repeating:

Now I know leftists don’t like it when we throw their own words and actions back in their faces, but freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is for every American, not just a select few. It seems to me that during eight years of George W. Bush, there were a lot of things done in the name of the First Amendment that leftists didn’t appear to have any problems with.

Nancy Pelosi, you mentioned that swastikas were being displayed by “astroturf” at town halls in Colorado. Well, here they are: Read More…

Obama: Victory Not The Goal In Afghanistan

President Obama stated that “victory is not our goal” in Afghanistan:

I guess victory wasn’t the goal in Iraq, either. Oh I forgot, you weren’t responsible for that victory, Mr. President. You just have to tie up loose ends, that’s all. Excluding Iraq, I guess victory is not the goal anywhere there are “overseas contingency operations” (global war on terror). According to the esteemed savior of the world and exalted potentate, “god” (with a small “g”) Barack Obama, victory is reserved for when American forces are triumphant over enemy forces originating from and/or representing aggressor nations. Just like when the Japanese Empire and Emperor Hirohito signed the documents of surrender before General MacArthur on the U.S.S. Missouri. Okie dokie, gotcha!

First of all, this is a slap in the face to all American military personnel everywhere. If we aren’t in the fight to win, what are we in it for? To sort of win? To achieve a stalemate? To slap the enemy on the hand and tell them never to start any more trouble? To place handcuffs on them and throw them in a holding cell for a “time out”? If you’re not going to call it “victory”, Mr. President, what are you going to call it? A successful overseas intervention?

Second of all, no matter how leftist politicians and armchair generals choose to label it, we are still at war with evil extremist Islamists who want to kill us. They do not want to sit down and talk to anybody who is an American. They don’t want to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”. They don’t want to sit down and drink a beer with any of us (it’s against their religious beliefs, anyway). This isn’t a counseling session or intervention—quit treating it like one. The only way to deal with aggressive, evil, murdering, cowardly, homicidal, tyrannical organizations and governments is to defeat them. For Al Qaeda and the Taliban, their defeat would be achieved only through military force, after which victory would be realized.

Thirdly, leftists in the United States like to brandish the articles of the Geneva Convention and assign the rights of U.S. citizens to murderous Islamist thugs when it is convenient and efficacious to do so. President Obama has officially recognized Al Qaeda and the Taliban as organizations that do not rightly have a country of origin and that aren’t representing an aggressor nation. As a matter of fact, if one looks at the articles of the Geneva Convention, one will not be able to find any signatories for Al Qaeda or the Taliban anywhere in that particular documentation. Nor will one find representatives for Hezbollah, Hamas or the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Are we to assume that the Geneva Convention never applied to Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place? Does this mean U.S. soldiers no longer have to read Miranda rights to the filthy scum? Can we now dispense with the formalities of a trial and execute them as enemy combatants, instead of sentencing them to lifelong prison terms, which incidentally would be funded by the American taxpayer?

Something tells me that as long as we have feel-good, politically-correct leftists with a “new world order” mentality in positions of power, ice cream will be served in hell before that will ever happen.

By the way President Obama, consult with your revisionist history friends and get your facts straight:

The Japanese foreign minister and the Japanese military’s chief of staff both signed the official documents of surrender aboard the battleship U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945, not Emperor Hirohito. Consider this your “teachable moment”, courtesy of ACW. However, a stick-on bronze star will be applied to the back of your left hand for getting the MacArthur part right [Reference - 1. Japan surrenders | 2. Formal Surrender of Japan, 2 September 1945].

Ford Motor Company Did It Right—Why Didn’t GM And Chrysler?

Unlike GM and Chrysler, Ford Motor Company actually posted a profit for the second quarter of 2009…and they did it without taking a penny of emergency federal bailout money. How did they do it? Reuters reports:

“Ford cut its automotive debt by about $10 billion by using cash and stock to buy back debt in transactions completed in April, lowering annual interest expense by more than $500 million. It raised $1.6 billion through a stock offering in May, which it used mainly for a U.S. union retiree healthcare trust.”

What is this? Ford actually gave free market capitalism a chance? That can’t have possibly worked! This has to be some mistake. Maybe it’s a vast right-wing conspiracy! That’s right, Ford has kept their name, company and executives intact. As a matter of fact, Ford is preparing for a major reversal of fortunes. Reuters continues:

“Ford executives have said the company has enough liquidity to complete a turnaround plan, leaving investors focused on cash preservation and debt reduction.

The automotive business ended June with $21.0 billion in cash and $26.1 billion in debt, compared with $21.3 billion in cash at the end of March and $32.1 billion in debt.

Ford borrowed $23 billion in 2006, secured by most of its remaining assets including its Blue Oval logo, to support its restructuring and now carries a heavier debt load than post-bankruptcy GM and Chrysler.”

There has to be a down side to Ford’s success. Besides, they took losses just like GM and Chrysler. They didn’t fare any better than the government-run automobile manufacturers, so capitalism didn’t really work out all that well for Ford. Oh really? True, Ford suffered at first just like General Motors and Chrysler, but if GM and Chrysler would have taken the same path as Ford did, they would have been a lot better off. As it is, just like any other government venture, GM and Chrysler will suffer through a period of mismanagement and mediocrity. However, Ford appears to be on an upswing, as Reuters goes on to show:

“The company is restructuring to be profitable in a smaller U.S. auto market and to meet expected increased preference for cars over SUVs and pickup trucks.

About 1,000 hourly employees accepted buyouts or early retirement in Ford’s latest offer, leaving the company with about 47,000 hourly workers. Ford had said it is comfortable with that number.

The company is in talks with the United Auto Workers Union on other issues to give it labor cost parity with competitors.

Ford has sold several its Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover brands to raise cash and focus operations. It is also entertaining offers for its Swedish brand Volvo, which would leave it with its Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands.

Ford Credit, the company’s financing arm, reported net income of $413 million in the quarter compared with a net loss of $1.4 billion a year ago.

Ford shares were up 49 cents or 7.68 percent at $6.87 on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.” [Press Release - Mark Fields Tells Fox News That Good is not Good Enough for Our Customers]

Full Reuters Article – Ford posts profit after one-time gains, shares rise

The Ford Motor Company is the personification of the American dream. To everybody at the Ford Motor Company: The way your company is managed, organized and structured proves to other struggling companies that capitalism works. It proves that  American ingenuity and innovation, along with the indomitable American spirit, prevail over the ideas of big-government statism, Marxist collectivism and European socialism. May you continue to prosper and grow, safe in the knowledge that you made it through the rough times without a government handout and without a government takeover. We salute you!

Read more about the Ford Motor Company below: Read More…


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