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German Chancellor Merkel And The Climate Change “Wall”

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of  the pulling down of the wall separating East and West Berlin in Germany. For the first time, a German head of state spoke before U.S. Congress. German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed members of U.S. Congress and one of the subjects Merkel spoke about was the need for a global deal on climate change [Article - Merkel meets with Obama, then talks to Congress]. Perhaps a symbolic appeal by Merkel to tear down the climate change “wall” [Article - The European Experience with Cap and Trade]?

With support for cap and trade legislation on the decline, President Obama vows that the United States will play a prominent role in decreasing global greenhouse gas emissions. Obama’s answer to the climate change question is cap and trade legislation.

The Waxman-Markey bill or rather, Taxman-Malarkey bill (H.R. 2998 – American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009) is currently in limbo, since health care reform legislation has taken center stage. Beltway politicians have certainly been working behind the scenes on slipping cap and trade legislation through, with very little public scrutiny…so they hope.

If the United States agrees to comply with some sort of global climate change contract in Copenhagen, Denmark, this will surely embolden leftist environut anti-capitalists in America to get climate change-related cap and trade legislation enacted.

If such a bill goes through, it will destroy the American economy, no ands, ifs or buts about it. We think unemployment is bad now, wait and see how high it will be if cap and trade becomes law. In addition, we and future generations of Americans will pay dearly for the taxes, fees and other costs climate change legislation will incur [Article - Leading Climate Scientist: Cap and Trade Could Ruin US Economy | Reference - Treasury Department – Climate Change Bill Could Cost American Families $1,761 A Year]. Read More…

Obama’s “Czar” Of Manufacturing Ron Bloom: He “Kinda” Agrees With Mao (Tse Tung)

Obama “czar” of manufacturing, Ron Bloom says that the free market is “nonsense” and “kinda” agrees with communist China’s late (but no so great) Chairman Mao Tse Tung:

What a coincidence—another Obama staffer who “kinda” agrees with communist boss and mass murderer Mao. Which point does Mr. Bloom agree with Mao on? That it is not really necessary to use force or coercion to achieve political objectives or that one only needs to bluff a person or group of people into thinking the “gun” is not loaded? How well received would the words that Mr. Bloom uttered be, if he took his speech to town hall meetings? So how is the free market not working in communist China today? Would China be on the rise economically without free market capitalism? I wonder how Mao would feel about his precious China if he could see it today. I dare say that if Mao Tse Tung was still living and currently in power, China would still be 20 to 30 years behind the United States, economically and technologically.

Van Jones, Anita Dunn and now Ron Bloom. Is there a pattern here? Why are more of Obama’s staffers and so-called “czars” being exposed embracing the philosophies of a totalitarian communist dictator or Marxist philosophy in general? How long of a laundry list do we have to compile before we see that the current administration in place is anti-capitalist and Marxist? We should not get to the point where it is too late to find out.

Video of Ron Bloom’s full speech can be viewed below (four-part series): Read More…

And The Winner Is…President Barack Obama?!?!

I thought I hadn’t awakened from my sleep and was still dreaming when I heard that our most highly esteemed potentate and savior of the world, President Barack Hussein Obama, had won the Nobel Peace Prize [Article - Obama says he'll accept Nobel as 'call to action'].

President Obama was gracious in his acceptance speech. He had the same feeling of shock and surprise that millions upon millions of people experienced when it was announced that he had won the Nobel Peace Prize. He acknowledged that he was not deserving of the prize and didn’t view the award “as a recognition of my own accomplishments,” but rather as a recognition of goals he has set for the U.S. and the world. Mr. Obama said, “I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures that have been honored by this prize.” But, he said, “I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the challenges of the 21st century.”

What accomplishments? Community organizing? Being a state senator? Performing the duties of a U.S. Senator for the sum total of two years? Talking about hope and change? By transformative figures, I am guessing that President Obama is excluding the late bloodthirsty terrorist Yasser Arafat. It should give us all a warm fuzzy that Obama is accepting the award as a “call to action”. You mean like giving the barbaric Taliban in Afghanistan a role in the government there [Article - Obama Focusing on al Qaeda, not Taliban]? Read More…

Real Change You Can Believe In

Ex-Marine David William Hedrick will be running against U.S. Congressman Brian “Teabaggers Are Terrorists” Baird (D-WA) for Baird’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have no doubt that Congressman Baird is not the only one who has to fear for his political future. Here is a reminder of the disparaging comment made by Congressman Baird regarding those who oppose government-run health care and increased government control of and interference in the lives of the American people:

Here is a video of Mr. Hedrick in his exchange with Congressman Baird: Read More…

Obama: Iran Secretly Built Another Uranium Enrichment Facility

President Obama said that Iran has another uranium enrichment facility, which is in clear violation of U.N. resolutions [Article - 1. Iran Reveals Existence of Second Uranium Enrichment Plant | 2. Leaders React to Iran’s Nuclear Facility | 3. Iran's key nuclear sites].

This is no revelation to those who have been researching and investigating Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran has been building up its nuclear program since 1974. The program was in stasis for a few years as a result of the 1979 revolution, but started back up in the 1990s.

The G.W. Bush administration had been ramping up pressure on Iran to cease enriching uranium for the express purpose of producing weapons. However, this was seen by state-run media and leftist politicians as a tactic to divert attention away from Iraq, Afghanistan and the global war on terror. Not surprisingly, their views on Iran have changed, since Obama became President.

What the present leaders of European nations and the United States fail to recognize is that Iran and other nations like it don’t play by the so-called rules. They don’t care about world opinion. They share the same goal, that being world domination, at any cost. There can be a million sanctions against Iran and it won’t stop them in their quest to destroy those who don’t share their world view or their fanatical ideological views [Article - Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights'].

I share the same sentiments as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in his most recent address to the U.N. General Assembly: Read More…

Obama To The U.N. – Don’t Count On Us, Slams Israel

In today’s speech to the United Nations, our Apologist-in-Chief, President Obama told the world to basically not count on us for help, while at the same time asking for their cooperation on such matters as reducing carbon emissions, fighting infectious diseases, and opening economic policies in an effort to more actively participate in the world market. He also took the opportunity to trash Israel and elevate the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

“Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world’s problems alone,” Obama said. Read More…

Climate Change – More Scientists Withdraw Support

President Obama gave his speech to the United Nations on global climate change. Did he finally say something nice about the United States and its continuing efforts, innovations and successes contributing to a clean environment and becoming more energy efficient? Of course not [Article - Obama Says U.S. 'Determined' to Combat Climate Change, Despite Senate Delay].

Meanwhile, more and more scientists, climatologists and climate modelers are abandoning the carbon-caused, carbon dioxide-induced, global warming (climate change) theory [Article - 1. Scientists pull about-face on global warming: Admit that the earth is cooling – for now | 2. Scientists admit global warming is a hoax (April fools) | 3. It's the Climate Warming Models, Stupid! | 4. FATAL ERRORS IN IPCC'S GLOBAL CLIMATE MODELS | 5. Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics | 6. No smoking hot spot].

ObamaCare Plans Still Lead To Government-Run Health Care

As they stand, here are the health care plans that either made it to the U.S. House or U.S. Senate floor or are undergoing alterations in committee:

America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009

Affordable Health Choices Act (Kennedy Bill)

H.R. 3200 – America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Quite a few people have read and researched the legislation. They have provided their analyses and have provided information from their analyses in Internet-friendly form. Take your pick from the plethora of links provided below: Read More…

U.S. Scrapping Missile Defense, But Russia Not Scrapping Their Missile Plan

Big, big, big surprise here. Although President Obama acquiesced to American leftist and Russian pressure by doing away with missile defense systems in eastern Europe, Russia is not responding in kind. Russia’s top general said that plans to deploy missiles in territory next to Poland had not been reconsidered [Article - Russia general says missile plan not shelved].

Is there any doubt that enemies and potential enemies of the United States were just drooling and giddy with excitement when Barack Obama became President? Is there any reason to doubt that our enemies are emboldened, due to President Obama’s pacifism and appeasement policies?

Now that General McChrystal has asked for more troops in Afghanistan [Report: More Troops Needed in Afghanistan], let’s see if Obama will allow for the provision of more troops or if he will bow to the wishes and desires of special interest and congressional far-left lunatics.

America’s Healthy Future Act Of 2009 – Max Baucus’ Attempt At Compromise

For your reading pleasure:

America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009

CBO Analysis: America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009

JCT Analysis: America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009

You have to give Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) credit. He tried his hand at compromise by crafting a health care reform bill and was met with opposition, not only from Republicans, but from fellow Democrats as well [Article - Baucus Unveils $856 Billion Health Care Plan, Predicts 'Broad' Support]. Now he should somewhat know how John McCain feels.

Here’s what will have to be in or associated with a health care reform bill for it to be accepted by the majority of the people of the United States of America:

  • No government or public option. Health care co-ops are still a scaled-down version of government or public option-style health care.
  • Pretax and non-taxable medical savings accounts.
  • A crackdown on medical over-billing practices.
  • Tort reform.
  • Better controls against fraud and waste.
  • Non-discriminatory insurance coverage.
  • No strings attached incentives for those who want to attend medical school and become health care practitioners or providers.
  • “Deficit-neutral”.
  • No tax increases.

If there ever comes to be a bill that exists with the bullet-pointed provisions, the American people will support it. Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board, Senator Baucus.

President Obama Orders The Early Retirement Of A Terrorist

Credit where credit is due:

President Obama signed the early retirement order for Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, one of four co-conspirators wanted in the 2002 bombing of an Israel owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, eleven days ago. Nabhan also had ties to attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya back in 1998 [Article - FOXWIRE: Navy Seals Kill Wanted Terrorist in Somali Raid].

I applaud President Obama for ensuring that enemies of the United States meet their demise. Kudos!

Obama’s Hope And Change: FAIL

With all of the wide-ranging promises of “hope and change” and fixing the “messes” George W. Bush and the Republicans created for the United States, Barack Obama appealed to many people looking for someone who could fix what has been supposedly broken. People just wanted the pain to go away and Obama pledged to take that pain away [Article - Opinion: So far, Obama's failing miserably].

Eight months into his presidency, Barack Obama has struggled to deliver on his pledges of “hope and change”. His grand proposals and plans for health care, climate change, card check and “stimu-less” have all been stalled or are simply not reaping any results. If Obama cannot move forward with his plans to fundamentally change America, he and his policies will fail. His presidency will be relegated to mediocrity not experienced since the Carter administration or even worse.

CIA Agents “Outed” By Leftist Zealots

Another example of leftist hypocrisy and minimization [Article - 1. ACLU investigated for exposing CIA agents to terrorists | 2. DOJ: ACLU May Have Exposed CIA Operatives' IDs].

The ACLU has long since outlived its usefulness. The “John Adams Project” is endorsed by the ACLU [Released Statement - John Adams Project - Statement of Anthony D. Romero]. Fox News tried to ask a “John Adams Project” member questions about the revealing of photos and IDs of CIA agents to terrorists. This was the response they got:

Read More…

Why So Many “Czars”?

From the time of FDR up to now, every president has had at least one “advisor”, “executive assistant” or “czar”. The issue I have with any president appointing “czars” is that the “czars” are not confirmed by U.S. Congress and upon presidential approval, are given vast amounts of power and authority. They don’t have to answer to anybody but the President of the United States.

With that being said, President Obama is on record pace of appointing more “czars” than any other president down to FDR. Why does he need so many “czars”? Surely he is capable enough of running the country without having to appoint so many people to help him. Why even have a presidential cabinet then? Verily the President is not so incompetent that he needs to surround himself with people to do parts of his job for him.

What’s alarming about Obama’s “czars” is that they are the largest collection of radical anti-capitalist leftists to ever grace the political scene. Glenn Beck of Fox News launched a week-long exposé on Obama’s “czars” and their socialist, yes even communist agendas [Reference - 1. List of Obama's Czars | 2. The Compleat List of Czars | Article – 1. Obama's 32 Czars | 2. Not Obama's Czars but his Commissars].

Video: Read More…

Leftist Politicians And Media Outlets Continue To Demonize Average Americans

Leftist politicians and media talking heads are focusing on average American citizens who don’t want increased government control of their everyday lives. They have concentrated their efforts on demonizing those very Americans who don’t want a government takeover of the U.S. health care system. They have enlisted their “community organizing” and special interest groups to intimidate ordinary Americans. So far, they have accused concerned American citizens who are more informed about health care reform legislation than they are, of being organized, while at the same time disorganized, unruly, swastika-carrying, RNC and anti-health care reform lobbyist-funded Nazi mobs and “astroturf”. So much for the caring, compassionate, civil and tolerant left.

Now the Marxist George Soros has thrown his hat into the ring with a huge contribution to Health Care For America Now, a group dedicated to passing Obama’s health care plan [Article - Meet The New Health Czar]. Of course, Soros may be one of the world’s biggest leftist hypocrites. He is a billionaire, ladies and gentlemen. The very type of person that President Obama and the American left is supposed to hate. Soros does not have to worry about his health care because he can afford it, no matter what the cost is. All Mr. Soros cares about himself and the destruction of the United States of America. Mr. Soros is perfectly fine with Americans intimidating other Americans. He is perfectly fine that everything in our country is taken over by the government. To him, it doesn’t matter how we get there as long as we get there.

It’s been brought up here in ACW before, but it bears repeating:

Now I know leftists don’t like it when we throw their own words and actions back in their faces, but freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is for every American, not just a select few. It seems to me that during eight years of George W. Bush, there were a lot of things done in the name of the First Amendment that leftists didn’t appear to have any problems with.

Nancy Pelosi, you mentioned that swastikas were being displayed by “astroturf” at town halls in Colorado. Well, here they are: Read More…

Leftist Groups Prepare Their Own Health Care Reform Town Hall Strategies

The very things leftist politicians, labor unions, media outlets, blogs and “community organizing” groups are accusing “right-wingers” of doing are exactly what they have been and are doing [Article - The hypocrisy and lies by the Left regarding Town Hall protests are adding fuel to the fire]. For your edification:

Harry Reid: ‘Phony’ Health Care Protests Astroturf, not Grassroots

Democrats slam town-hall protests as ‘phony’

Unions Object to Mob Rule

Democrats’ Fear Is Showing on Health Care

Fear or Loathing: Democrats Raise Specter of Swastikas to Cancel Town Halls

Remember folks, the left constantly brags about knowing how to protest and “organize” better than their opponents on the right. Why not? They have had decades of experience. When their own tactics are used against them, they whine and complain that “unruly mobs” are interfering with the Democratic process. They accuse anti-government takeover protestors at town halls and other forums of being disorganized “astroturf” and swastika-carrying “Nazis”. How hypocritical they are [Article - 1. White House advises Dems on health care protests | 2. Dem memo plots message war on insurers | 3. Revealed: Pelosi July 31 Strategy Memo | 4. HCAN Prepares Pro-Health Care Reform Activists For Responding To Town Hall Disruptions, Plans To Disrupt The Disrupters]!

Keep up the fight against power and control-hungry Marxists in the United States. They are willing to destroy you and this country to achieve their sinister aims and to selfishly reach their insidious goals.

“In Your Face” Public Opposition Generates Leftist Propaganda

From Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals (Copyright 1972), Rule #13 (p. 130):

“-Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

In their desperate attempts to further Marxism in the United States, President “ChicagObama” and other leftists are on their way to reaching critical mass; therefore, they are stepping up attacks on American citizens, using every component of their propaganda machine:

DNC hammers Republican-backed ‘mob rule’

Matthews Joins Barbara Boxer in Dismissing ‘Brooks Brothers’ Protestors

Nancy Pelosi outlines August plan of attack

Pelosi lashes out at private health insurance ‘villains’

Those who are exercising their First Amendment rights by opposing a government takeover of the U.S. health care system and a huge government tax hike in the form of “climate change” legislation are only taking these words to heart (some of what may be said below is not to be taken literally, but figuratively): Read More…

Unruly Mobs At Town Hall Meetings Or Just Concerned Citizens?

Why are leftists concentrating so much on so-called “unruly mobs” at town hall meetings focusing on health care reform and global climate change legislation? Is it their hope that incidents occur so that they can substantiate their claims about those who attend town hall meetings—that they are nothing but anti-government, anti-health care reform, anti-global climate change, unruly, irrational, hate-filled mobs and agitators [Article - 1. Democrats' break looking like a bad trip | 2. Angry citizens shout down politicians at town hall meetings across the country (WH 'not concerned')]?

There have been unverified reports of people being arrested and fearful politicians being whisked away from town hall meetings by the police. From all of the lengthy videos I’ve seen and heard, I found no violent disruptions and saw nobody getting arrested. If one or two police officers walking along with a politician constitutes a police escort, I suppose I did see police escorts. The people I saw and heard were shouting protests, that much is true. I did not see any fist fights or objects being thrown. I did not hear any vile obscenities being uttered. One has to wonder which forums or town hall meetings reporters from the state-run media were attending.

What I did see and hear were politicians and government-run health care proponents becoming visibly agitated, dodging questions, not answering questions at all, feigning ignorance, disseminating inaccurate information and treating the crowds of attendees as if they were ignorant, uninformed clods.

They know that government-run health care disguised as a public health care “option” is being rejected by a majority of the American public.

They know that farcical climate change legislation based on questionable, if not fraudulent science, is nothing more than a gigantic “tax America” and “destroy the American economy” bill, which is not being received very well by the American people.

They are scared, but not for all of the right reasons. Power-hungry, leftist control freaks will do anything they can to further their various Marxist agendas. No matter the cost, they will attempt to ram their legislation and policies down the throats of the American people. They don’t care about anybody but themselves and their own creature comforts. They are scared that they will lose their positions of command and control.

I venture to guess that falsehoods, deflections and misinformation about town hall/forum attendees are being propagated by leftist politicians, environmentalists and government-run health care proponents, in conjunction with state-run media outlets. Below are Web site addresses or URLs to sites that embody and reflect the contemptuous nature of the left-wing and their twisted view of town hall meeting attendees and so-called “tea-baggers”. I chose not to link to some of them because I don’t want to give those sites any more recognition than they deserve. If you so choose, you can read the misrepresentations, distortions and outright lies contained in those unlinked leftist sites that conservatives and Americans who are concerned about keeping America free have to face. It should not only anger and amuse you, but it should harden your resolve to keep up the fight against leftist Marxism in the United States: Read More…

Obama: Victory Not The Goal In Afghanistan

President Obama stated that “victory is not our goal” in Afghanistan:

I guess victory wasn’t the goal in Iraq, either. Oh I forgot, you weren’t responsible for that victory, Mr. President. You just have to tie up loose ends, that’s all. Excluding Iraq, I guess victory is not the goal anywhere there are “overseas contingency operations” (global war on terror). According to the esteemed savior of the world and exalted potentate, “god” (with a small “g”) Barack Obama, victory is reserved for when American forces are triumphant over enemy forces originating from and/or representing aggressor nations. Just like when the Japanese Empire and Emperor Hirohito signed the documents of surrender before General MacArthur on the U.S.S. Missouri. Okie dokie, gotcha!

First of all, this is a slap in the face to all American military personnel everywhere. If we aren’t in the fight to win, what are we in it for? To sort of win? To achieve a stalemate? To slap the enemy on the hand and tell them never to start any more trouble? To place handcuffs on them and throw them in a holding cell for a “time out”? If you’re not going to call it “victory”, Mr. President, what are you going to call it? A successful overseas intervention?

Second of all, no matter how leftist politicians and armchair generals choose to label it, we are still at war with evil extremist Islamists who want to kill us. They do not want to sit down and talk to anybody who is an American. They don’t want to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”. They don’t want to sit down and drink a beer with any of us (it’s against their religious beliefs, anyway). This isn’t a counseling session or intervention—quit treating it like one. The only way to deal with aggressive, evil, murdering, cowardly, homicidal, tyrannical organizations and governments is to defeat them. For Al Qaeda and the Taliban, their defeat would be achieved only through military force, after which victory would be realized.

Thirdly, leftists in the United States like to brandish the articles of the Geneva Convention and assign the rights of U.S. citizens to murderous Islamist thugs when it is convenient and efficacious to do so. President Obama has officially recognized Al Qaeda and the Taliban as organizations that do not rightly have a country of origin and that aren’t representing an aggressor nation. As a matter of fact, if one looks at the articles of the Geneva Convention, one will not be able to find any signatories for Al Qaeda or the Taliban anywhere in that particular documentation. Nor will one find representatives for Hezbollah, Hamas or the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Are we to assume that the Geneva Convention never applied to Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place? Does this mean U.S. soldiers no longer have to read Miranda rights to the filthy scum? Can we now dispense with the formalities of a trial and execute them as enemy combatants, instead of sentencing them to lifelong prison terms, which incidentally would be funded by the American taxpayer?

Something tells me that as long as we have feel-good, politically-correct leftists with a “new world order” mentality in positions of power, ice cream will be served in hell before that will ever happen.

By the way President Obama, consult with your revisionist history friends and get your facts straight:

The Japanese foreign minister and the Japanese military’s chief of staff both signed the official documents of surrender aboard the battleship U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945, not Emperor Hirohito. Consider this your “teachable moment”, courtesy of ACW. However, a stick-on bronze star will be applied to the back of your left hand for getting the MacArthur part right [Reference - 1. Japan surrenders | 2. Formal Surrender of Japan, 2 September 1945].

Walter Cronkite Dead At 92

Even though I didn’t agree with some of his past statements, renowned news anchorman Walter Cronkite died of cerebrovascular disease at his Manhattan home. He was 92 [Article - Famed CBS News Anchorman Walter Cronkite Dies at 92].

It is somewhat fitting that he pass away on the cusp of the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing and moon walk in United States history. Mr. Cronkite was fascinated with space exploration and he followed NASA’s space program with particular interest.

His life was not free of controversy. In a time when people still trusted news anchor and news reporting figures, Cronkite lost his journalistic objectivity during the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War, an action in which the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong suffered heavy casualties and lost very, very badly—much to the chagrin of American leftists then and history revisionists now. In the eyes of many Americans and Vietnam veterans, Mr. Cronkite’s actions and statements on the Vietnam War were as damaging and inflammatory as those of people like “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and John F. Kerry. For more on Walter Cronkite, the following video summarizes his life and career:

A look at the life, career of Walter Cronkite

“And that’s the way it is.”


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