Bad Idea, Governor Palin


Other top Alaska Republicans, including Palin and Alaska GOP chairman Randy Ruedrich, said Thursday that Democratic Sen. Mark Begich should step aside so a new vote can be held now that the charges against Stevens have been dropped by the Justice Department.

Not a smart thing to say, Sarah, and not a good idea at all. Stevens lost the election, and even if he did lose due to circumstances beyond his control (which I admit he did), in America we don’t force people who have done nothing wrong–I’ve seen no evidence Begich had anything to do with the Stevens prosecution–to step aside to let someone else in. If we establish that precedent, it’s really hard to say where it would end.

If Stevens wants to, let him re-run for the seat in 2014. Or, let him try to take Lisa Murkowski’s Senate Seat in 2010. Or even, as the article suggests, let him run against Palin for Governor… or, if he wants to, he can even run for President. But he should have to compete for these positions just the same way anyone else does, not receive them as a gift.


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