Al Franken Finally Is A U.S. Senator In Spite Of Tax Dodging And Voter Fraud Allegations

Al Franken of Minnesota can now be called “Senator Franken”. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Franken finally won the election, an election that was mired in charges of voter fraud on the part of the Franken campaign [Article – Minnesota Supreme Court declares Franken winner of Senate race].

Former comedian Franken was a Saturday Night Live cast member and script writer. He was also a commentator on the irrelevant “progressive” radio talk show, “Air America Radio”. Franken is no stranger to controversy, which should make him one of the darlings of the Democrat party. He has been known to speak and act in a very bizarre manner and to have displayed flashes of a hair-trigger temper [Article – 1. Al Franken’s Blue Ball | 2. Al Franken’s Lies | 3. RNLA Director Thielen: Minn. Voters Didn’t Elect Al Franken | 4. Mischief in Minnesota?].


An admitted “liberal”, “progressive” or “proglib” Franken will be in good company among the other lunatic leftist senators he will be working with. Did I mention he was accused of not paying his taxes? He should get along very well with the Obama Administration [Article – Comedian-turned-candidate Franken to pay $70K in back taxes]. Let’s find out if Franken’s true comedic talents will be on display in the U.S. Senate. I’m guessing we won’t be disappointed.


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