Thoughts on Palin’s Future

Okay, I’ve had the night to sleep on and cogitate on Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska, and despite my earlier warning about predicting things like this, I am gonna go out on a limb… and restate my earlier first instinct.

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is as good as finished in national politics.

I know lots of pundits, even people I respect and normally agree with, are saying that she is getting ready for a Presidential run. For all I know, they may be right.

However, as John McCain found out, there’s a huge difference between running and winning. And Sarah cannot win with the baggage she just saddled herself with.

The next time she runs, she will be dogged with not only the vitriol and venom that we’ve already seen (which was incredibly vicious, possibly more vicious than any in recent memory), but also with the label of quitter. “Can we be sure she’ll finish her term, or will she quit before the end like she did in Alaska?” will be the sort of question that will follow her. You can be sure the lefties will bring that up at every conceivable opportunities, and so will the squishy wanna-be-Democrat so-called “Republicans.” (And they know who they are.)

All of the above, put together, will be fatal to just about any political campaign she is part of.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s, and looked forward to her taking her place in national politics, but I have to admit, her national political career is over before it started.


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