Conservative Health Care Reform—Fixing What Is Broken Without Increased Government Control And Higher Taxes

“Imbecilic”, “irrational”, “unreasonable”, “un-American”, “politics as usual”, “the same old rhetoric”, “the same old tired ideas” and other words that cannot be mentioned without insertion of many ***; ad hominem, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Those are the words and catch phrases used by leftist, statist, elitist anti-capitalists in politics, state-run media and left-wing blogs to excuse their own unrealistic, unworkable ideas and reject conservative, Libertarian and Republican ideas on health care reform.  If by what lefties ascribe to conservative health care ideas they mean ideas that don’t involve socializing health care, controlling the health decisions of every American, bankrupting the country, slamming Americans with more taxes and lowering the quality of health care, then yes I would rather have the same worn-out ideas.  If it means being satisfied with the status quo, so be it  [Article – 1. Conservative Groups Fault Health-Care Agenda | 2. Three conservative reviews of Obama’s healthcare reforms].


Leftists must be afraid of anything that doesn’t fit their utopian socialist ideas on how American health care should be reformed. They must know that opposing ideas promoting freedom of choice (excepting abortion) , American ingenuity and free-enterprise solutions will be not only be successful, but they will be more effective.  Conservatives have plenty of health care reform ideas, but they don’t fit the leftist “nanny state” template.  I have provided videos and links to Web sites that outline conservative health care reform ideas and/or plans.  Enjoy the following:



Conservative Health Care Reform

Morning Bell: A Conservative Vision for Health Care

Conservative Principles of Health Care Reform: The Road Ahead

A conservative health care champion

A Principled Path to Rational Health Care Reform

Contrasting conservative plans – health care reform – National Review Second Opinions: Health-Care Supplement – Cover Story

Conservative Perspectives on Health Care Reform

Health Care Freedom Coalition

Health Insurance Reform: What Families Should Know


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