CIA Agents “Outed” By Leftist Zealots

Another example of leftist hypocrisy and minimization [Article – 1. ACLU investigated for exposing CIA agents to terrorists | 2. DOJ: ACLU May Have Exposed CIA Operatives’ IDs].

The ACLU has long since outlived its usefulness. The “John Adams Project” is endorsed by the ACLU [Released Statement – John Adams Project – Statement of Anthony D. Romero]. Fox News tried to ask a “John Adams Project” member questions about the revealing of photos and IDs of CIA agents to terrorists. This was the response they got:

Ladies and gentlemen, the woman in the video is supposed to be an attorney. She may be an attorney, but she is also a classic example of a radical far-left extremist. Besides the glaring inconsistencies and inaccuracies contained in her rantings, she more than proved why the ACLU would be so interested in her as a contributing legal representative (she is listed in Anthony D. Romero’s ACLU statement) in association with the so-called “John Adams Project”, a group that is nothing short of a disgrace and not representative of who John Adams really was.

It’s not enough that Ms. Ginsberg justifies the treasonous actions of the “John Adams Project”, but she minimizes their unconscionable actions by stating that the CIA operatives that were photographically “outed” committed and/or participated in acts of torture. So am I to assume that Ms. Ginsberg, the ACLU and the “John Adams Project” knew for a certainty that those whom they “outed” really did torture people? Of course, no reasonable, intelligent person would pursue a course of action without proof or evidence of criminal activity, right? No responsible person would go after somebody who was only a suspect and not charged with a crime, correct? People with even the slightest shred of human decency and common sense would never put the lives of CIA employees, their families, friends and colleagues in jeopardy by taking pictures of them in front of their homes, getting out of or into their cars, recreating at the park or shopping at a store somewhere, would they?

I suspect that the very members of the ACLU and the so-called “John Adams Project” are also historical revisionists. John Adams would have never thrown his own people under the proverbial “bus” in favor of thugs, thieves and murderers who are not even American citizens. John Adams put the safety and security of the people of his country ahead of personal feelings and the interests of foreigners. John Adams did not bend to the will of those who hated the United States of America and everything it stands for. He wouldn’t have signed the Declaration of Independence if that would have been the case.


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