A break from your regularly scheduled blogging.

Well, I went out and purchased a Rock Island Armory 1911A1. Mainly because I needed to have a substitute for my Kimber for the days that I just don’t want to carry around a $1,300 piece.

I bought it from a buddy of mine in NM. He runs a small gun store and reloading business called Bear Enterprises. Great guy, and was on the ball when it came to my order.

Anyway. It came in today, so as soon as the paperwork at the FFL was done I took it back to their indoor range and put it through the paces.

I was very surprised. I have heard good things about the RIA 1911s. But this thing preformed beautifully, and accuracy wise it actually out shot my Kimber. Though it was not as smooth in action as my Kimber.

Another thing that really surprised me was it ate every type of ammo I fed it. Somewhat unusual for an un-modified 1911. Federal HST, no problem, Federal Hydra Shok, ate it like ball, Corbon DPX, it just didn’t care. It ate it all.

The only two complaints I have are the sights, and the grips. But that is to be expected on a $450 pistol. It came with the gov sights and normal gov wood grips. My old eyes have a hard time with those slim steel sights, and I prefer the double diamond grips of my Kimber. But those two things are easily changed.

I may also drop the trigger load from its factory five and a quarter pound down to three and a half pound.

All in all this is definitely a pistol I would recommend to others. But as with all things, your mileage may vary.


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2 responses to “A break from your regularly scheduled blogging.”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    Awesome, CNG. I also have a Rock Island 1911A1. I’m still in the process of “pimping” it out and I need to get better mags for it, instead of the ones that came with it. I’ve tweaked the trigger load slightly, but I want to get it down to around three and a half to four pounds. I feed mine with Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Extreme Shock and Federal Hydra-Shok .45 ACP +P ammo. My complaints are the same as yours, but I’m glad you like your RI. It’s a decent pistol for the price.

  2. conservativegunnut says :

    I tend to only run Federal HST, but I have had a hard time finding it of late, and had some older hydra and Corbon hanging around.

    I may also polish the feed ramp just for good measure. All in all it is only a few hours work, and I don’t have much else better to do right now.

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