Congresswoman Waters Suggests Probes Of Demonstrations For Racists

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) wants to know what conservatives and TEA party demonstrators really think. She very truly does. As a matter of fact, she thinks the MIA (Media In Absentia) should probe TEA parties, conservative rallies and other functions to seek out and confront people…to find out how racist they really are [Article – Waters: Probe ‘birthers and the teabaggers’ at rallies for racist views]. This of course stems from the Joe Wilson incident that occurred last week during President Obama’s address to U.S. Congress. Take a listen (still video with audio) to Congresswoman Waters:

As a reminder, Congresswoman Waters’ views on government-run health care opponents are already known; therefore, it is logical to assume that she holds a similar opinion of conservatives as well:

I believe she has a motive behind her madness, folks.


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