House Follows Senate Lead, Votes to Defund ACORN

Well, I’ll be brutally honest… I was skeptical that Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives would do it, but it looks like they, too, have pulled the plug on ACORN.

WASHINGTON – The House voted Thursday to deny all federal funds for ACORN in a GOP-led strike against the scandal-tainted community organizing group that comes just three days after the Senate took similar action. “ACORN has violated serious federal laws, and today the House voted to ensure that taxpayer dollars would no longer be used to fund this corrupt organization,” said second-ranked House Republican Eric Cantor of Virginia.

The vote, on a provision attached to a student aid bill, was 345-75, with Democrats supplying all the “no” votes.

Congrats to all those who voted to remove this criminal enterprise from the federal trough; shame on those who voted to keep sending our tax dollars to this group.


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3 responses to “House Follows Senate Lead, Votes to Defund ACORN”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    Ditto and to the 75 leftists in the U.S. House and the 7 in the U.S. Senate: The time for the people to vote “No” is coming. By the way, the White House is putting on the appearance of distancing itself from ACORN [Article – W.H. distances from activist group]. We’ll see if it is more than just for show.

  2. PhyCon says :

    There is a small problem with this. The Senate voted to defund ONLY the ‘housing arm’ of ACORN while the House voted to defund the entire organization. Now the differences will have to be figured out in the Conference Committee.

    I fear the CC will drop the defunding to only the ‘housing arm’ of ACORN which is the lesser of two evils from the Donkey perspective. If this happens the ‘victory’ we conservatives are all celebrating will not be a victory at all.

    If the CC actually follows the House, I might gain a little respect for our congress-critters. This choice would make sense since the respective resolutions passed well over the VETO power of the POTUS.

    Furthermore, a letter has been sent to the Senate leadership demanding full scale hearings and investigations into ACORN. If these things don’t happen, the 2010 bloodbath for incumbents is going to be awesome to behold.

  3. wapiti307 says :

    Wade Rathke, one of the founders of ACORN, said that ACORN might end voter registration work [Article – ACORN Considers Ending Voter Registration Work].

    If all of the voter registration work and client advising are so legitimate and it’s all just one big smear campaign against the poor and people of color, why are they even considering doing away with some of their programs? Why did they even fire employees? Why did they drop charges against investigators who exposed them for who they really are?

    That is the leftist modus operandi: Victimize those who uncover their illegal activities, shut operations down, create another “community organizing” or so-called “social justice” group and continue their criminal activity. It helps when funding for their activities is provided by leftist, Marxist billionaires like George Soros and the American taxpayer via the decisions made by supportive politicians.

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