BET Co-Founder Doesn’t See Racism In Tea Parties

Whatcha wanna bet the leftymedia won’t find time to cover this story?

Black Entertainment Television network co-founder Sheila C. Johnson, who endorsed [Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob] McDonnell in July, also rejected the idea that the anger seen in town hall rallies and conservative “tea parties” is race-based.

“I don’t buy it at all. We’ve really got to stop doing this, stop bringing this up,” said Johnson, who had been a major donor to Obama, Gov. and Democratic National Committee chairman Timothy M. Kaine and other Democrats through 2008.

Now, it’s currently buried in another story, but those two paragraphs above are huge.

Not only do we have a former Obama donor and Democrat supporter now backing a Republican, and not only is she one of the founders of Black Entertainment Television (making it very hard to claim she’s not “authentically black,” whatever that is), but she’s also pushing back against the racism charge that many Obamacrats have been tossing around a lot lately.

As I said, it’s gonna be rather difficult for the lefties to claim that Johnson is an “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo,” so it’s far more likely they’re just going to try and bury this story… like in the story linked above.


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2 responses to “BET Co-Founder Doesn’t See Racism In Tea Parties”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    The “they’re going after Obama because he is black” argument does not hold any water, especially when he is only half black.

    That aside, it doesn’t matter what his race is, it matters what his ideological beliefs are. His ideology is not based on traditional American political beliefs.

    Every time they speak, Obama and each member of the Obamaton horde sound just like, as European parliamentarian Daniel Hannan aptly described:

    “A Brezhnev-era apparatchik giving the party line.”

    A relevant and accurate description of the ideological beliefs of Obama and those like him.

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