Criticizing Obama is Racist? I Don’t Think So!

The latest meme out there seems to be that anyone who criticizes Mr. Obama is automatically racist. Now, on the face of it that seems silly to most non-lefties (and perhaps even many who supported Obama, as I pointed out earlier), but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Most readers here know that I don’t put a lot of faith in polls, but they do sometimes show valid trends. Such is the case with Rasmussen’s Obama Approval Index. We can see Rasmussen’s measure of Obama’s approval rating dropping from 62% in January to 49% in August. That’s a drop of 13% in 7 or 8 months (depending on how you count the months). Since we have seen an increase in protests against Obama’s policies, culminating in the recent weekend march on Washington, DC, this trend seems to match observable reality, so let’s take it as valid.

Now, let’s apply a little logic and common sense (two things many lefties–I said many, not all–seem to have problems with). For the “racism” meme to make sense, that would seem to indicate that the 13% who had approved of Obama in January but that didn’t in August were not aware that he was black (technically, half-black) in January, but that by August they had become aware of that fact.

Let’s dig still deeper. In order for such a phenomenon to have happened, such a person as described above would have had to have never seen a picture or video of Mr. Obama, or heard him described as “black” or “African-American” or whatever the current politically correct term is today prior to January; but somewhere between January and August, voila, they catch a glimpse of him on TV or see him on a magazine cover, or heard someone at work whisper, “you know, he’s black.” At that point, the theory seems to be saying, the person’s inherent racism kicks in and they immediately turn from being an Obama-approver to an Obama-disapprover.

Now, in a nation the size of America, I can imagine that it might have happened that way once, maybe even a few times… but not often enough for Obama’s approval rating to have slipped 13%.

That fails the laugh test… in today’s cyber-parlance, EPIC FAIL, in fact.


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