Ignored: H.R. 3218 – Improving Health Care For All Americans Act

More from the so-called party of “No” and the party with no fresh ideas. A conservative health care reform bill, submitted to the U.S. House floor back in July, that was referred to committee, but has since then made it to the committee scrap heap:

H. R. 3218 – Improving Health Care for All Americans Act

Well now, I wonder why House leftists and the MIA (Media In Absentia) didn’t give this conservative bill (all 24 pages) any consideration or air time. I know, it contains the same old worn-out conservative/Republican ideas and it was completely overshadowed by the over 1,100-page government-run health care bill (H.R. 3200 – America’s Affordable Health Choices Act) that made it to the House floor [Press Release – Bill expands access to health insurance with tax credits, aid to states | Article – 1. The Republican Health Care Reform Plan: HR 3218 (Part 1) | 2. The Republican Health Care Reform Plan: HR 3218 (Part 2) | Bill Tracking – H.R. 3218: Improving Health Care for All Americans Act].


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