Mail Bag: How Many House Votes To Keep Funding ACORN Were Black?

A lady reader (I am assuming she’s a lady from the name on the email) wrote in to ask an interesting question:

How many of the 75 house members who did not vote to de-fund ACORN were black?

I hope the lady doesn’t mind, but to make it easier, I re-worded the question thus:

How many of the House members who voted to continue to fund ACORN were black?

And then I went at it kind of backwards… well, in a way. I got a list of the House members who belong to the Congressional Black Caucus, which only accepts black members, and checked how each of them voted, according to the official roll-call of the vote.

(Results after the jump)

Here’s the results (Remember, voting Aye is a vote to cut off funding, voting Nay is a vote to continue funding–it’s a wee bit confusing, cause it’s the opposite of what you’d expect):

Representative – State – Vote
Sanford Bishop – Georgia – Aye
Corrine Brown – Florida – Nay
G. K. Butterfield – North Carolina – Nay
Andre Carson – Indiana – Nay
Yvette Clarke – New York – Not Voting
William Lacy Clay, Jr. – Missouri – Aye
Emanuel Cleaver – Missouri – Nay
Jim Clyburn – South Carolina – Nay
John Conyers, Jr. – Michigan – Aye
Elijah Cummings – Maryland – Nay
Artur Davis – Alabama – Aye
Danny K. Davis – Illinois – Nay
Donna Edwards – Maryland – Nay
Keith Ellison – Minnesota – Nay
Chaka Fattah – Pennsylvania – Nay
Marcia Fudge – Ohio – Nay
Al Green – Texas – Nay
Alcee Hastings – Florida – Present
Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. – Illinois – Nay
Sheila Jackson Lee – Texas – Nay
Eddie Bernice Johnson – Texas – Nay
Hank Johnson – Georgia – Aye
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick – Michigan – Nay
Barbara Lee – California – Nay
John Lewis – Georgia – Nay
Kendrick Meek – Florida – Aye
Gregory Meeks – New York – Nay
Gwen Moore – Wisconsin – Nay
Donald M. Payne – New Jersey – Nay
Charles B. Rangel – New York – Nay
Laura Richardson – California – Aye
Bobby Rush – Illinois – Nay
Bobby Scott – Virginia – Nay
David Scott – Georgia – Nay
Bennie Thompson – Mississippi – Nay
Edolphus Towns – New York – Nay
Maxine Waters – California – Nay
Diane Watson – California – Nay
Mel Watt – North Carolina – Present

Final tally:

Aye (voting to de-fund ACORN): 7

Nay (voting to continue to fund ACORN): 29

Not Voting: 1

Voting “Present” (Senator Obama’s favorite trick): 2

So, I guess the Final Answer to my e-mailer’s question is, 29 of those 75 Nay votes were from self-described black Representatives.


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One response to “Mail Bag: How Many House Votes To Keep Funding ACORN Were Black?”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    Good answer to a reader’s question, CW. Now that John Conyers has voted to take funding away from ACORN, will he run counter to the “powers that be” and launch a full-fledged investigation on the much-maligned organization [Article – Conyers Kills ACORN Probe | YouTube Video – Glenn Beck: Rep. John Conyers Says “Powers That Be” Wont Permit ACORN Investigation]? Hmmm.

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