Obama European Missile Defense Decision: FAIL

President Obama’s announcement to scrap missile defense systems for Poland and the Czech Republic came on the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland [Article – 1. EDITORIAL: Obama’s anniversary gift to Russia | 2. Obama not smooth on Gdansk | 3. Clinton: Not about Russia, but Iran 4. Russia’s Putin says U.S. shield decision positive].

History records:

On 17 September the Red Army crossed the Polish border in the east, in fulfilment of the secret agreement within the Nazi-Soviet Pact, and ended any prospect of Poland’s survival.

Historical reference: Invasion of Poland

The invasion, which was done in tandem with Nazi Germany, ushered in the most deadly and destructive war in world history. No other war before or after, has caused as much destruction of property and as many deaths as World War 2 did.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anybody that Obama, who is a product of those who taught leftist revisionist history, would be unaware of a moment in history that is indelibly marked in the hearts and minds of the Polish people. Another great moment in the annals of Obama foreign policy [Article – Barack Obama vows to ‘change the world’]. After all, part of his presidential campaign was run on repairing the world reputation of the United States:

Now that President Obama and his administration have offended the countries of Poland and the Czech Republic, I am wondering exactly how Obama wants to repair the reputation of the United States in the world after he stabs friends in the back. Perhaps his foreign policy revolves around repairing our reputation with countries that are not already friendly to the United States. Let’s not strengthen our bonds with our friends, but let us offend and alienate them instead [Article – 1. Polish Prime Minister, Peeved Over Missile Shield Reversal, Rejects Call from Clinton | 2. Eastern Europe grumbles about downgrade in US ties].


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