U.S. Scrapping Missile Defense, But Russia Not Scrapping Their Missile Plan

Big, big, big surprise here. Although President Obama acquiesced to American leftist and Russian pressure by doing away with missile defense systems in eastern Europe, Russia is not responding in kind. Russia’s top general said that plans to deploy missiles in territory next to Poland had not been reconsidered [Article – Russia general says missile plan not shelved].

Is there any doubt that enemies and potential enemies of the United States were just drooling and giddy with excitement when Barack Obama became President? Is there any reason to doubt that our enemies are emboldened, due to President Obama’s pacifism and appeasement policies?

Now that General McChrystal has asked for more troops in Afghanistan [Report: More Troops Needed in Afghanistan], let’s see if Obama will allow for the provision of more troops or if he will bow to the wishes and desires of special interest and congressional far-left lunatics.


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