Obama Advisor Axelrod: No Health Insurance Across State Lines

David Axelrod, one of President Obama’s senior advisors, reveals a little bit of the truth regarding leftist plans for the insurance industry. To his credit, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer of all people, grills Axelrod as shown below:

After bumbling, stumbling and fumbling through Blitzer’s questioning, Axelrod finally defines what the Obama administration is in his statements: President Obama, his administration and other leftist politicians are anti-capitalists. Most, if not all of them are Marxists. They are no more concerned about the American economy than Hugo Chavez or Fidel and Raul Castro. All they care about is furthering their radical leftist agendas. The more they talk, the more of their radicalism they let slip out [Article – Axelrod nixed selling health insurance across state lines].


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