I Wonder If He Even Means Small Blogs Like This One…

Noam Chomsky seems to be joining the “conservatives = Nazis” crowd:

The memory that comes to my mind — I don’t want to press the analogy too hard, but I think it’s worth thinking about — is late Weimar Germany. There were people with real grievances, and the Nazis gave them an answer. ‘It’s the fault of the Jews and the Bolsheviks and we’ve got to protect ourselves from them, and that will take care of them.’ And you know what happened…

[…]Germany in the 1920s was at the peak of Western civilization. A decade later, it was at the pits of human history.

Unless an answer can be given to these people, unless they can be led to understand what’s really happening to them, we could be in for trouble.

Of course, he’s tiptoeing in, saying that he doesn’t “want to push the analogy too hard,” but if that’s the case, why offer the analogy at all? Seems to this Nazi conservative that he’s trying to say something while still leaving himself “plausible denial.”

As I frequently remind people, “Nazi” is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which translates to National Socialist German Workers’ Party. That hardly sounds like a right-wing party, despite what the lefties keep trying to say.


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