More Evidence That The Democrats Are Fracturing

Now a Democratic governor is speaking out against the Baucus bill:

Legislation is making its way through Congress to reform the nation’s health-care system, but the questions Tennessee’s governor and U.S. senators are raising about its cost to the states might reshape the debate’s final outcome.

In a break with most of the governors in his own party, Democrat Phil Bredesen is saying publicly that the legislation that currently serves as the framework for reform shifts too much of the financial burden to state governments.

Bredesen estimates that the Senate Finance Committee bill that passed last week would cost Tennessee $735 million over five years once the plan is in place — and possibly more than $1 billion. Covering that cost would mean taking money from the budgets for education, the state pension and other aspects of state government that have been battered by the recession, Bredesen says.

As more details come out, I’d not be surprised to see more Democratic governors expressing concerns like the above. That, in turn, will make it a lot harder for Democratic Senators in those states to vote for whatever bill comes out of the smoke-filled rooms in the Capitol; the voters will be asking why Democrat Senator so-and-so voted for the bill after Democrat Governor what’s-his-name said it would be bad for the state.


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