Gingrich Misses The Mark

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has really lost touch with his conservative principles:

Gingrich called Scozzafava a “liberal Republican” for her support of gay marriage and abortion rights. But he defended those positions as in-step with her district and her predecessor, former Rep. John McHugh (R-N.Y.), who was tapped to be President Barack Obama’s Army Secretary.

Now, follow the logic here:

  1. Scozzafava is, according to Gingrich, “in-step” with her predecessor.
  2. Said predecessor was so liberal that he was hand-picked for an administration post by a man who is arguably the most liberal President in modern history.
  3. Therefore, Scozzafava is also liberal enough to be adored by Barack.

And Gingrich wonders why conservatives not only aren’t rallying around her, but are actively lambasting him for his support of this Democrat-in-Republican-clothing?

One wonders if this isn’t primarily Newt’s ego talking, attacking rather than “lose face” by admitting he goofed when he first endorsed her. Memo to Mr. Gingrich: Admitting you’re wrong is the honorable thing to do; attacking the base isn’t gonna get you anywhere.


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