House ObamaCare Numbers Looking Just As Dismal As Senate Numbers

A leaked report reveals the gory details:

The House Dem leadership has conducted its preliminary whip count and has tallied up less than 200 likely Yes votes in support of a health care reform bill with a robust public option, well short of the 218 needed for passage, according to an internal whip count document I’ve obtained.

The document — compiled by the office of House leader James Clyburn — was distributed privately at a meeting between Clyburn and House progressives today where the fate of the public option was the subject of some contentious debate, with liberals demanding that House leaders push harder to win over votes.

Clyburn spokesperson Kristie Greco would only say: “We currently do not have the votes for a robust public option.”

Health care reformers are eagerly awaiting the House vote count numbers on the robust public option — which would reimburse providers at Medicare rates plus five percent — because a House bill with a strong public option would increase the of leverage House leaders in upcoming conference negotiations with Senate leaders over the final bill. The exact count has been hotly debated in political circles since last week.

The actual count?

The document shows that 47 House Dems are committed No votes, and eight are Leaning No, for a total of 55. That means of 256 House Dems, just under 200 remain, and a dozen of those are listed as undecided. The bill needs 218 votes for passage.

What this also means, ladies and gentlemen, is that your voices at town halls, tea parties, on the phones, in emails and snail mails are being heard!

However, even though we’re winning, it’s not time to let up and head back to the La-Z-Boy. We need to keep the pressure on until at least the 2010 elections when we can run enough Obamacrats (meaning those Democrats that reflexively side with Obama on everything) out of office to keep this thing in its grave.

So, I will reiterate a call I have made before… tell not only your Representative and Senators, but any that are wavering that if they vote for this, not only will you not support them (and will vote against them if you’re in their district), but that you’ll actively and financially support their opponent in the next election. Remember, always be polite when speaking to staffers, even if they’re rude to you… they are just doing their jobs, they’re getting lots of flak, and you need to be more reasonable than they are.

Along the same lines, Politico has given us a list of those Senators currently seen as wavering… use this as a starting point for your calling list.


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