Lieberman Stands Firm On Filibuster Of Public Option

Gotta admire a politician who says what he means and means what he says:

Sen. Joe Lieberman’s threat to filibuster any health care bill with a public option could kill health reform this year — and embolden Democratic challengers who’d like to send him packing in 2012.

But Lieberman doesn’t seem worried.

“I don’t think about that stuff,” Lieberman told POLITICO this week. “I’m just — I’m being a legislator. After what I went through in 2006, there’s nothing much more that anybody [who] disagrees with me can try to do.”

It certainly looks like he’s not planning on backing down on this any time soon. That’s trouble for Harry Reid, because Lieberman’s firm stand is likely to embolden Democrats who aren’t too sure about the public option themselves.


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