What We Have To Look Forward To If ObamaCare Passes

More problems with government-run health care from, where else, one of the pioneers, the United Kingdom:

Poor nursing care, filthy wards and lack of leadership at Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust led to the deaths of up to 400 patients a year.

Figures compiled by a health watchdog showed death rates at the Essex trust were a third higher than they should have been.

Among the worst failings discovered by the Care Quality Commission were a lack of basic nursing skills, curtains spattered with blood on wards, mould in vital equipment and patients being left in A&E for up to ten hours.

Ahh, but these two are the only ones having problems, right?

The watchdog report comes just months after an investigation into Mid-Staffordshire NHS foundation trust found similar problems, with up to 1,200 avoidable deaths.

Hmm. Okay, but we know that the folks who let this happen are going to be fired, of course.

The CQC report has now been passed on to Monitor, the organisation in charge of foundation hospital trusts.

Monitor has the power to replace the management at the trust but it is understood none of the board members have yet been threatened with losing their jobs.

Yep, that’s government-run health-care for ya. Needless deaths, but the bureaucrats who let it happen get to keep their job regardless.


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