Another Amendment Vote, Another Embarrassment For Harry

It’s not getting much play in the Lefty Dinosaur Media (for obvious reasons), but on Sunday the Senate had another vote on an amendment to keep Medicare from being cut, and once again, less than 60 Senators voted with Mr. Reid, indicating once again that he probably doesn’t have the votes for cloture (which takes 60)

On this one, Senators Bayh, Nelson, and Webb voted with the GOP, and Senator Byrd wasn’t voting, so the Democrats could only muster 56 votes. While it defeated the amendment (thus keeping the main bill’s Medicare cuts intact), it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Reid cannot depend on Nelson or Webb to vote for cloture, and Bayh is looking like he’d not vote for it, either.

Given that over the weekend, Joe Lieberman (a titular Independent Democrat who nonetheless caucuses with the Democrats) gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal in which he said not only that the public option would have to go before he could vote for cloture, but also that he wouldn’t accept any “fig leaf” such as an opt-in, opt-out, or trigger, it seems that Reid probably can’t count on his vote if there’s a public option in the bill; but if Reid takes it out, the Senate liberals have declared that they won’t vote for it either.

Reid is in real trouble… if, as it appears, he can only count on 56 or 57 Democrats, he and President Obama can woo lefty Republicans Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe all he wants and it still won’t get enough votes to invoke cloture.


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