Defensive shooting.

First off, once again, let me apologize for my long absence. I have no excuse for it, but I will say that my wife often times reminds me of the Congress. Attempting to live like you make a seven figure income when you only make six figures can be difficult.

Anywho. Obviously I am an avid shooter, and as some of you know I am a NC CCW instructor. In a recent attempt to make it known that simply plinking a target does not make you ready for a defensive shooting I decided to make an offer to anyone taking my class. At the end of the eight hour course, if you are able to out shoot me then your class becomes free and I give you your hundred and twenty bucks back. However, if you accept the challenge, and fail you have to pay a fine of sixty dollars.

The course of fire for your CCW qual here in NC is not that difficult, and does vary from instructor to instructor. The legislation only says that you must demonstrate proficiency with your chosen firearm. Back in the day instructors actually had a some what difficult qualification course, but quickly found out that if they make it too difficult then fewer people will take the class, and as such, fewer dollars end up in their pockets.

Well. By offering this challenge I am able to demonstrate how important training is to saving your life, while giving added incentive to my students.

Typically only one person per class actually takes me up on it. But the other students tend to stick around and watch. Which is the actual intent. To educate the masses.

I will admit, I do have an advantage. I made the course of fire. I get to practice it regularly. So, I do take it easy on those who accept the challenge.

For starters I use a homemade target instead of the typical silhouettes that the students purchase from the front counter of the range we use. I don’t like the ones they have up there because there is a little red x in the center that everyone always aims for. Problem is, the X is lower than it should be, so they train themselves via muscle memory to hit this spot instead of the important things in the bad guy’s chest.

So I took an idea from one of the target makers, and do it on my own.


The scoring system is simple. The more damage done to the target, the lower the score. If you hit them in the CNS, that bullet is worth zero, a hit to the rest of the brain, or the heart is worth one, upper lung area is worth three, lower lung area worth five, the chest area outside the lungs is worth seven. I guess it is kind of self explanatory.

The course of fire is simple. Five strings of fire, at fifteen yards. Shoot until the target stops coming at you.

Here comes the difficult part. Instead of simply standing there and firing at the target completely calm, we stress our bodies.

I require that the student shoots first, that way I know how hard I have to try to beat them. Don’t want to beat them too bad or word might get out, and no one would take the challenge.

So, before every string of fire you back away from the firing line and thrash yourself. Push ups, sit ups, run in place etc until you are breathing hard.

You then immediately go to the firing line and shoot the string.

To date, I have had five challengers, no one has beat me. Not bad.

I have however recieved numerous requests to teach an advanced course that includes this type of training.


4 responses to “Defensive shooting.”

  1. PhyCon says :

    Wouldn’t take me much to get winded…in fact, just shooting the first string would probably do that for me, CG! But I would love to take the class from you…of course, you’d have to bring it here for me to take it 🙂

    Welcome back, CG! 😀

  2. Conservative Wanderer says :

    Remind me not to get CG mad at me!

  3. conservativegunnut says :

    Thanks you two.

    PhyCon, that is the point. Physical fitness is just as important, if not more so, to surviving a defensive shooting as the caliber and pistol you are carrying.

    I am not saying that we all have to be supermen. But we do need to be able to keep our bodies under control as the adrenalin is pumping. Better physical conditioning helps with this, and stressing your body while training will help you to get lead on target when it really matters.

  4. PhyCon says :

    I completely understand, CG. That’s why I took your advice on the Taurus Judge after discussions. Since I can’t actually work out thanks to my medical situation, that weapon gives me the opportunity to defend myself with non-lethal force with the first shot and lethal after.

    That said, I hope to never have to use it other than on the range. Sure is a nice weapon to shoot though 🙂

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