This Is The Best Guy The RNC Could Find For Chairman?

The Hill:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele said Monday night that he doesn’t think Republicans will win control of the House in 2010 .

Asked by Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel whether he believes the GOP is going to take over the House, the chairman of the Republican National Committee responded, “Not this year.”

This man is not–I say again, not–a leader.

A leader inspires people. A leader challenges people to stretch beyond what they think they can do. A leader says, “it may be hard, but we are going to do it anyway!”

Steele is a spineless bureaucrat. He’s the type who is afraid to step out and take chances. He’d rather be pessimistic, believing it’s better to “play it safe.” The problem with that is that such an attitude does not inspire people to reach deep down for the reserves that we all have but that so few ever access.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” Steele is trying to convince the GOP that they can’t take the House… woe to them if he succeeds.


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2 responses to “This Is The Best Guy The RNC Could Find For Chairman?”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    Good post, CW. Let’s be clear about this, Michael Steele is no friend to the Republican party. Case in point:

    Steele stands by embattled Scozzafava

    Steele is nothing more than a RINO. I don’t believe he is interested in taking the Republican party back to the conservative roots of the Reagan era. He appears to be more concerned about getting any Republican elected to office, no matter what his or her views are. That kind of reasoning and decision making, including what has been stated in your post, brought about disaster in New York’s 23rd congressional district.

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