Is Massachusetts Turning Red?

Sorry for the light blogging, work has been hectic this last week.

But, I was able to keep up with some of the Brown/Coakley news, and it is most definitely not good for Coakley.

For instance, this and this really smack of desperation in the Coakley camp. Both are the subject of threatened legal challenges… from the Brown campaign on the first, and from UPS on the second.

And this makes me think that Brown has a good chance of winning. I mean (assuming everything there is authentic), SEIU members holding Brown signs?

This is what Democratic arrogance gets you… a seat in the deepest of dark blue territory could very well go red… although sort of a light-red, Brown is a bit of a RINO. Still, he’s sure to be a darned sight better than Coakley, and because of that, he’s got my support.


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