Get Ready For The O-Bait And Switch Again


President Obam will reportedly propose a three-year “freeze” on non-defense federal spending in Wednesday’s State of the Union address.

The freeze would take effect in October of this year, and would limit spending on non-security related programs (including defense and homeland security, but also “international programs” to $447 billion a year for the remainder of Obama’s first term, the Washington Post is reporting.

President Obama can propose all he wants, but unless and until Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Congressional Democrat Leadership signs on, it’s all empty words.

Hence, my suspicion is that Obama is having a quiet word to the Congressional Dems to just ignore what he will say, and keep on spending like… well… like Democrats! And then when a bill that breaks his proposed spending freeze hits his desk, he will say that “X” is just too important to veto, therefore he has to sign the whole bill. And then the spending freeze goes bye-bye.

Update: The WaPo explains more about the so-called “freeze”:

It would not restrain funding for the $787 billion economic stimulus package Obama pushed through Congress early last year, nor would it apply to a new bill aimed at creating jobs, which Democrats have identified as their top priority in the run-up to November’s congressional elections.

The House has approved a $156 billion package intended to lower the nation’s 10 percent unemployment rate, while the Senate is drafting an $80 billion package that includes tax cuts for businesses that hire new employees as well as aid for cash-strapped state governments and the unemployed.

It is also unlikely to affect the approximately $900 billion health-care bill, which has been on life-support since the Massachusetts vote.

As Ed Whelan said on NRO’s Corner, “Some freeze.”


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4 responses to “Get Ready For The O-Bait And Switch Again”

  1. David H Mercier says :

    I think your right, lip service is what this guy is all about however the public sees through this and he won’t be fooling the majority.

  2. PhyCon says :

    I agree. He can propose all he wants but his Frankensteinian bride/bridegroom duo of Princess Pelosi and King Harry will have to ‘enforce’ his will. They’ve been able to force a few things (stimu-less, anyone?). However, how’s that signature agenda item about ‘health care’ going? Those two couldn’t even get that done when PP has a HUGE majority in the House and KP had a supermajority in the Senate. Like a zombie though, health care ‘reform’ isn’t dead yet (I’m begining to think it might be a Litch instead.)

    The one problem I have with nay saying on this one is ‘why not’ accept this brand-spanking new fiscal conservatism from TOTO? It’s one step in a long march toward reducing both the size of the federal government and its budget. Granted, it no more reduces the size but only hinders its growth on a partial basis. Of course, the numbers I saw reported tonight were closer to 250 Billion over 10 years. In a budget well north of 2.4 TRILLION, that nice tidy sum of $25 Billion/year for the next 10 years is the equivalent of me using a $2.00 coupon when I visit my local fast food joint once per year. Basically, it is an intentional lie that he has no ability to enforce (like putting health care reform on C-SPAN). It is a canard to change focus from TOTO’s abject failure.

    Of course, as you noted, CW, there is no downside for TOTO to make this claim for just the very reason of legislation that ‘breaks his proposal’ will be signed because it is just too darned important to veto. GWB had a serious allergy to using his veto for some reason even though you and I both screamed as loud as we could to try and get him to exercise that particular set of pen-strokes. These are the unfortunate facts about governments in the USofA (fed, state, and local): 1) every ‘entity’ is granted a budget that HAS TO BE SPENT (or else the money allocated reverts), 2) if the money isn’t spent the legislatures (mainly state, local) tend to think “gee, they didn’t spend everything we gave them…guess they don’t need as much in this next funding round”, and 3) government fiefdoms are the self-perpetuating parasite on the self-perpetuating (and, unfortunately, necessary) parasite of government in general.

    Now I know there will be readers of this comment that will call me crazy on those ‘facts’. Before you do, recognize one other fact: I am an employee of a state government. I tread the water in those 3 facts at least 5 days a week. Believe me, the waters are full of sharks – large, medium, and small … and each one that swims by is hungrier than the previous one. So far, my limbs are still attached though I’ve been nibbled on plenty of times. The sharks are much larger this time around though…and the legislature is due in session in February :(.

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