Forget Reconciliation; Watch The House

With all due respect to my fellow blogger, I think most, if not all of the reconciliation talk is a red herring.

As Rich Lowry, Jeffrey Anderson, Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), and Yuval Levin have pointed out today, if–and this is the big “IF”–the House passes the Senate bill, which is the first step in reconciliation according to Keith Hennessy, then Obama will have a bill on his desk that’s been passed by both chambers of Congress; at that point, Obama can just sign it and call it “game over.”

Fortunately, right now it looks like Pelosi doesn’t have the votes in the House to pass the Senate bill, especially if Stupak and other pro-life Democrats stand by their promises not to vote for any bill that doesn’t have the Stupak Amendment as part of it (as the Senate bill does not).

However, I would caution everyone to be careful not to get distracted. The key is the House… if the Senate bill doesn’t pass the House, ObamaCare is pretty much stalled.


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7 responses to “Forget Reconciliation; Watch The House”

  1. wapiti307 says :

    Points well made, CW. However, Obama and his cronies are doing their best to offer sweetheart deals to, cajole, and threaten weak-kneed, fence-sitting, so-called “moderate” “blue dog” Democrats in an attempt to get their “up” votes when the time comes. You can be sure that Stupak and the other anti-abortion Dems are already on Obama’s list of targets. I believe Obama and Pelosi will be successful in picking some of those Dems.

    Here’s how I think ObamaCare will stall: The radical leftists in the U.S. House, Dennis “Kook”cinich being among them. They outnumber Stupak and pro-life Democrats. Kucinich and other far left Dems are the ones who want “public option” health care no matter what. They along with the “blue dogs” who weren’t picked off by Obama and Pelosi, will be the ones to stall ObamaCare. Kucinich has made his thoughts of displeasure known in regards to the current ObamaCare bill. We’ll see how many others he can persuade to join him in voting against ObamaCare.

    Of course as you know, I’ve been dead wrong before.

    Interesting Reading:

    Obama Meets With House Dems on Health Care

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      Points well made yourself, but there’s a bit catch, I think.

      The House Democrats know (a) once he has a bill, Obama can sign it and declare victory, (b) Obama’s record on keeping campaign promises (which is worse than the Chicago Cubs’ record in the postseason), and (c) the political winds will push even harder against a second bill full of sweetheart deals than they are against the first one.

      That’s why you’ve been seeing Democrats who voted yes originally saying they will vote no now, including Stupak and company, but I have yet to see any that voted no the first time saying they will vote yes this time. They know that any deal they are promised will probably never materialize. That’s why Pelosi hasn’t scheduled a vote yet; she doesn’t have the votes, and she knows it.

  2. wapiti307 says :

    Indeed…and to add even more confusion to the mix: Okay, so include the Stupak amendment just to shut the pro-lifers up and get their “up” vote.

    Before the voting occurs, get “Kook”cinich and those like him behind closed doors and tell them not to worry because after ObamaCare is signed into law (assuming that it ever will be), policy writers and other wizards of smart can regulate abortion stipulations, as well as the so-called “public option” back into the bill (explained in the following paragraph).

    As we have seen, Obama and his leftist buddies in Congress will stop at nothing to impose their radical agenda on the American people. Again, even if Pelosi and Reid were able to get a “bipartisan” bill to Obama for signature, Obama and his cronies would simply regulate the “bipartisan” out of the bill and resurrect the tripe that they wanted in the bill in the first place by way of health care statutes and policy.

    That is why no matter what, the bill should never see the light of day and should stay stalled (hopefully) in legislative purgatory…at least while we have a radical leftist president in office. By the time a truly conservative president is in office (God willing), another health care reform bill that most Americans want, can be crafted.

    • Conservative Wanderer says :

      Actually, adding Stupak back screws up the process.

      Basically, at least as I understand it (and I’m no parliamentarian), in order to proceed with reconciliation, they first need to get identical bills passed by both the House and the Senate. Adding the Stupak language back in would mean that the Senate would have to vote on it again, without being able to use reconciliation, and we can be pretty sure it would go nowhere, because the Senate has already voted against including Stupak’s language in their bill.

      This brings me back to something I said a few months ago (paraphrased): with the Stupak amendment, it doesn’t pass the Senate; without the Stupak amendment, it doesn’t pass the House.

      • wapiti307 says :

        Ah, the joys of watching the Democrat party implode. It’s definitely a magnificent sight to see.

        This brings me to another point about health care reform legislation. I’m sick and tired of reading articles and watching shows that blame the GOP for being obstructionists and trying to stall the legislative process. May I remind all the lefties out there:

        1. You had a super majority in U.S. Congress. This means you could have passed anything you wanted because the Republicans did not have enough votes for a filibuster.

        2. You have a president who would have signed any bill into law, especially if it furthered the radical leftist agenda.

        3. The reason you don’t have a health care bill for Obama to sign is because of obstructionists within the Democrat party.

        The Democrat party is so “diverse” that they cannot even agree among themselves on what goes into the health care reform bill and what doesn’t.

        I for one am not discouraging the infighting within the Democrat party…I’m hoping it continues. This will give the GOP not only an opportunity to show the public how their ideas would work, it will also give the GOP several seats in both houses of Congress come November. It may not mean they wrest majorities away from the Democrats, but it will make it a lot more difficult for them to try to pass bills that are nothing but extreme leftist compost.

  3. PhyCon says :

    Yer both WRONG!!! Bwahahahaahahahhha!!! /sarc

    What we are seeing are the signs of zombification. As I said much earlier in comments zombification:

    Then there’s always zombification…I’ll celebrate when there’s a stake of Ash in its heart, consecrated Communion wafers stuffed in its skull, salt encasing its tongue, and the body buried upside down at a crossroads in front of (or preferably ON) Holy Ground and/or with a blessed cross of silver.

    No matter where this stalls…IF it stalls…it will remain ‘alive’ only to arise again in another form. It must be utterly destroyed.

  4. wapiti307 says :

    True, PC. If it (ObamaCare or some form thereof) is allowed to exist in a suspended state of animation, it could be revived by its progenitors and present itself in an even more horrifying, pallid, putrid form. It would be preferable to kill it, burn it, and then take the ashes and throw them into the sea.

    If ObamaCare dies completely, lefties will bring up something similar in the future. They are power-hungry opportunists. They don’t quit. They keep on picking and pecking at an open wound until it finally bleeds out.

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