A Simple Way To Try And Stop The Slaughter Scenario

For those who don’t know, Rep. Louise Slaughter (ObamaCrat from NY) has decided that she can slip one past the American public with the “Slaughter Rule.” Stripped to its essentials, this would be a “rule” that says that if it’s approved, it would “deem” the Senate ObamaCare bill to have been passed–without there ever having been a vote on the Senate ObamaCare bill itself!

Fortunately, there is a simple way we can fight this idea.

You see, my fellow patriots, the House ObamaCrats are trying to arrange things so that ObamaCare can pass and yet so that they can say, with some minor degree of honesty, “I didn’t vote ‘yea’ on that bill.” By voting for the Slaughter Rule, they think they can fool the voting public.


All ya gotta do to bring this to a screeching halt is to tell your CongressCritters you’re onto their little bait-and-switch. Call or email them (snail mail is probably too slow, since they’ll be voting on this next week, and you know how inefficient the gubment is) and tell them that a “yea” vote on the Slaughter Rule is worse than a “yea” vote on ObamaCare, because of the dishonesty in the Slaughter Rule.

If you’re not sure if it’s worth your time and effort, just imagine a future where ObamaCare has passed, and your grandchildren are asking what you did to keep it from happening. Would you proudly say that you didn’t think it’d do any good to write or call your elected representative?

It doesn’t take that long, and if enough people do it we can chase the ObamaCrats back under their rocks.


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