It’s Not Over Yet!

I am going to retract an earlier statement of mine. Despite what I said last week, the fight over ObamaCare is not over yet.

The Obamacrats might want to think that it is, that they can go back to their districts and not have to talk about ObamaCare, but they’re in for a surprise, methinks. The American people are almost certainly going to be incensed about this, for many reasons, including the political bribery and arm-twisting, the blatant falsehoods about what the bill will and won’t do, and the absolute disregard for the clearly expressed views of the voters.

Her Pelosiness probably promised wavering Democrats that this would all blow over as soon as it was passed; now the Democrats will learn that they can’t trust this Speaker to have a firm grasp of what’s going on, and that should make it a lot harder for Princess Pelosi to ram through the rest of her far-left agenda.

This bill also will not do what was promised–it cannot, because it wasn’t designed to in the slightest. Thus the Democrats will soon be the recipient of a long and growing tide of disappointment and resentment, which should last at least through 2012, and quite likely longer. The fact that not a single Republican voted for this bill will insulate the GOP, and will make the Democrats the sole recipient of this anger. If it goes on long enough, that could actually weaken the Democratic Party to the point where another party takes its place as a major party.

Going forward, we must now work and vote against every single Democrat up for election to the House or Senate in 2010. Bart Stupak and the rest of the so-called “pro-life” Democrats have shown us that we cannot trust any of them, despite how conservative they might pretend to be. We also can’t have these people voting to give Pelosi the speaker’s gavel again if, by some long shot chance, the GOP doesn’t take the House this year. Some of the Democrats who voted no might think that they can slide through based on that vote, but ask yourself: would they have voted “aye” if it was needed to pass this bill? The defections of Stupak and several of his cronies should give you the answer.

The Democratic Party, as a whole, have thumbed their noses at the American voters. Come November, it will be our turn.


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One response to “It’s Not Over Yet!”

  1. thepolesposition says :

    This is the nature of politics; to the victors go the spoils. Bush and his cronies completely disregarded the wishes of the minority, putting one utra-conservative after another in important positions of power. Because he swung to far to the right, the voters got fed up and elected a Liberal. If Obama is seen as going too far, the Dems will in fact pay, as the pendulum swings back the other way. As for the health bill, I’m going to ignore the Cons scare tactics (death panels) and take a wait and see approach. If this is the disaster you predict, the Cons have no one to blame but themselves; health care has been a huge problem for more than 2 decades now and the Cons chose to do nothing when they had a chance. Par for the course for the party of “No.”

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