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The Left Never Admits Fault: Fox40’s Palin Coverage

Here’s an excellent example of how the left never admits they’re wrong: Ed Driscoll’s PJM post on Fox40’s coverage of Sarah Palin’s recent speech at Cal State Stanislaus.

The article itself is fairly straightforward, as is the incident. Essentially, it boils down to some people being heard on an open mic making disparaging comments about Mrs. Palin and her speech, during the live coverage. Whether or not the voices belonged to Fox40 employees or others is not clear, but it hardly matters to the bigger picture.

However, the comments section (where you’ll see a few of my contributions) is truly indicative of the way the modern left operates. There are no comments from lefties admitting that the statements heard were out of line or that Sarah deserves an apology. Rather, the lefties that have posted, and I admit that they are few, have focused on shifting the blame away from those making the inappropriate comments and onto Mrs. Palin herself… as if she was somehow responsible for the poor behavior of those who don’t know better than to keep their mouths shut when there’s an open mic around.

Final point: Imagine if someone from a local affiliate had been heard making similar comments during the speech of a prominent Democrat, such as Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Mr. Reid, etc.


Those Oh-So-Tolerant Greenies

A Spanish scientist who recently wrote a study illustrating the massive failure of Spain’s “green jobs” program has been mailed a bomb, apparently from a Spanish solar energy company. Fortunately, the bomb was dismantled, but the scientist was told that the next one wouldn’t be.

There is, at this time, no indication that Spain’s majority socialist government is going to take any action to find and punish the would-be bombers. That may change, however, and it’s not unreasonable to expect that law enforcement might want to keep what they’re doing under wraps until they have someone in custody.

However, the larger picture shows just how “tolerant” the “green” movement is… if someone debunks your latest meme, you send him a dismantled bomb, and threaten to send a fully assembled one next. Goes right along with, oh, say, descending en masse on a bank president’s home, attacking Tea Partiers, or other thuggish behavior we’ve seen from the left recently.

Let Us Not Get Overconfident

My Fellow Conservatives, I hate to throw even a little bit of cold water on the predictions for the 2010 Congressional elections, but I feel that things have gone so far that I must.

While I agree that the prospects are very favorable for large gains in both the House and Senate for the Republicans, we conservatives need to start being a bit more careful with our predictions.

First off, politics is inherently unpredictable, and no one short of God has any idea what could happen between now and the second Tuesday in November. It’s possible that an event could occur that would really damage the chances of one or more GOP candidates.

Second, it may sound like a cliche, but it’s also true: Overconfidence leads to mistakes; mistakes lead to failure. If we avoid the overconfidence, the chances of failure are smaller.

We need to fight for the 2010 elections like the Democrats are poised to take every single seat, because they just might if we screw up.

Want To Email Rep. Bob Etheridge?

Most people by now have seen the video of Rep. Etheridge assaulting a student who had the audacity to question him. If you haven’t, here it is:

Now, a lot of folks want to express their feelings about this incident through email. But, according to a recent comment on PJM, Mr. Etheridge’s email-form website is now only accepting emails from people who correctly enter a Zip+4 from his district.

So, as a public service to everyone who wants to exercise their First Amendment right to express their thoughts to a fellow citizen and elected representative of the people, I hereby provide a Zip+4 which should be valid for that form. It’s 27601-1742. That just happens to be the Zip+4 of Etheridge’s own district office in Raleigh, NC.

Email away, fellow conservatives!

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