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Why Can’t Conservatives Stop Hitting Union Thugs’ Hands With Their Bodies?

It happened again… two eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Wepubwicans have placed their bodies right in the path of one of the pacifistic union member’s hands.

I know, it looks to most conservatives like the union thug deliberately pushes two cameramen at a GOP rally, but of course, we know from the Dinosaur Media that such a thing could never happen, because it’s the conservatives that are violent, not the oh-so-kind union goons, so it must have been all the cameramens’ fault, right?

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Heartwarming Story From Afghanistan

Over in Afghanistan, three Marines–that’s right, three of the toughest, the always-sent-in-first, the Jarheads–have started rescuing orphaned kittens and sending them to the States to find new homes.

Ya gotta see the pictures.

Yes, those are United States Marines cuddling those cute orange striped kittens.

Good job, guys.

Transparency, Obama-Style

Even PBS is complaining, now:

Health Correspondent Betty Ann Bowser and I spent last week reporting the health impact of the oil spill in Plaquemines Parish — Louisiana’s southernmost parish, where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

During that time local officials and media contacts at the Unified Command Center Operations were mostly helpful in finding answers to our questions and providing us information about scheduled media boat tours of the cleanup operations (even if it did take sometimes take them a few days to get back to us).

But there’s one roadblock that we encountered that mystified us — and, we understand, many other journalists. It has been virtually impossible to get any information about the federal mobile medical unit in the fishing town of Venice, La. The glorified double-wide trailer sits on a spit of newly graveled land known to some as the “BP compound.” Ringed with barbed wire-topped chain link fencing, it’s tightly restricted by police and private security guards.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set up the facility on May 31. According to a press release, the medical unit is staffed by “a medical team from the HHS National Disaster Medical System — a doctor, two nurses, two emergency medical technician paramedics (EMT-P) and a pharmacist.”

When the reliably lefty PBS starts complaining about lack of access, the bloom is truly off the rose.

Racism and Sexism in Illinois? Party Tries To Force Black Woman Off Ballot

That’s the story that’s going around… but, it’s not the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Wepubwicans that are doing the forcing this time:

Bolingbrook’s Cedra Crenshaw has become one of this election’s conservative darlings, fighting the system by launching her own efforts to challenge an incumbent Democrat State Senator A.J. Wilhelmi. Her first public appearances were at Will County Tea Party events, where she declared war on the corrupt Chicago machine as “just one mom.”

Wilhelmi, she says, is clearly a part of the Chicago machine although he’s based in Joliet. A faithful go-along vote with the Democrats, Wilhelmi is a part of the state’s problems, and ousting him along with other lawmakers who’ve created the embarrassing state budget crisis is just what Illinois needs, Crenshaw says.

And that’s just enough energy and threat from Republican ranks to scare the Democrats into doing everything they can to scratch Crenshaw off the November ballot. She’s got enough acceptable petition signatures to get on the ballot. But her candidacy is still in limbo because the Senate Democrats insist that accompanying paperwork may not have been filed on time, although the reason for the lack of clarification is because the Illinois election law itself was in transition.

The three members of the Will County Board of Elections are County Clerk Nancy Schutz Voots, State’s Attorney appointee Mary Petro and Circuit Clerk Pamela McGuire.  Voots ran as a Republican, State’s Attorney Glasgow and Pamela McQuire are both Democrats.  The board’s decision whether to keep Crenshaw on the ballot will be decided when Voots, Petro and McGuire’s opinions are gathered into a report which will then be made public.

Crenshaw’s confident if the Will County Board follows the decisions made in two other similar candidates’ cases, she’ll remain on the ballot as she is now.  Cook County senate candidate Adam Wojcik and Chicago state house candidate Dave Lenkowski both beat Democratic challenges based on the same arguments the Democrats are making to the Will County Board.  But Crenshaw’s still waiting to hear the three Will County election board judges’ final decision.

Will the dinosaur media and senior elected officials jump on this story and decry the apparent racism and sexism involved in forcing a black woman off the ballot?

Don’t hold your breath.

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