When You’ve Lost Walter Mondale…

Even the guy who could only carry his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia in the 1984 election (in which he faced Ronaldus Magnus) thinks Mr. Obama relies too much on the teleprompter:

In a discussion of whether Obama projects empathy in his speeches, the 82 year-old Mondale said the president “has got to connect with the American people.” When CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked why Obama has not shown more empathy, Mondale answered, “I’ve seen places where he’s done it. The Milwaukee speech, I thought was terrific. I think some of these backyard events are terrific. But I think he — he’s very bright — as a matter of fact, brilliant. And I think he tends to — and he uses these idiot boards to read speeches on television and I think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally with American voters.”

Personally, I think Obama’s “brilliance” is a fiction in the minds of many Democrats, but it’s still suggestive that this Democrat thinks that Obama has to get rid of TOTUS.

Of course, whenever Obama goes off-teleprompter or off-script, he tends to be even more gaffe-prone than Mr. Biden, including saying there’s 57 states, not knowing the difference between a breathalyzer and an inhalator, among many others. So, I say, trash the ‘Prompter, Barry, and show us your “brilliant” mind and oratorical skills!


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