Sen. Lisa Murkowski Shows Her True Colors

Apparently, she doesn’t much like an ad the Tea Party recently started running on her in Alaska. So, like a true Privileged Princess who got her seat from Daddy, she immediately demands that those peasants stop, immediately!

At issue is an ad the group unveiled Monday, entitled “Arrogant Lisa Murkowski — You Lost!” It seeks to paint Murkowski as more interested in political self-preservation than in serving the interests of Alaskans. It also claims she didn’t “earn” her Senate seat and that she “tried to manipulate the Libertarian party into giving her their slot” on the ballot — claims McKeever called “materially false.”

I dunno about the last two claims, but the first one, that she’s vitally interested in political self-preservation, seems to be amply proven by the fact that her own website shows people how to write her name in after–I say again, after–she lost the GOP primary to Joe Miller. That sure seems like “political self-preservation” to me. It also seems like “desperation.”

Of course, with Murkowski voting against an attempt to stop earmarks (HR 1, roll call vote 46), against a freeze of Federal spending at 2008 levels (HR 1105), and for the SCHIP program expansion, (HR 2), she can hardly be considered a fiscal conservative, much less expect the Tea Party–whose primary focus is on fiscal matters–to be a big Murky fan.

However, by attacking the Tea Party, Murky has finally shown her true colors… not merely RINO, but DIRC: Democrat In Republican Clothing.

She needs to be defeated, again.


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