Texas Rep Pushes Back Against FCC Attempt To Regulate News


Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) pushed back on Monday against a contention by a Democratic FCC commissioner that the government should create new regulations to promote diversity in news programming.

Barton was reacting to a proposal made last week by FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, who in a speech suggested that broadcasters be subject to a new “public values test” every four years.

“I hope … that you do not mean to suggest that it is the job of the federal government, through the [FCC], to determine the content that is available for Americans to consume,” Barton wrote Monday in a letter to Copps.

With the availability of satellite radio and TV (I have XM in my car), along with digital compression capabilities, it seems that a large part of the reason the FCC was formed really doesn’t exist any more. Simply put, if Sirius/XM can put hundreds of radio channels on a satellite signal, and Dish and DirecTV can do the same thing with TV channels, do we really need a government entity telling broadcasters what they have to broadcast? It made sense when technology only allowed a few channels that were picked up by rabbit ear, but today? Not so much.


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