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It’s always like this in media memeland where the news travels faster than thought and the usual perpetrators of the lie spew their usual lies. The “narrative” is set out in templates as rigid as rebar laced through concrete: Nothing to hear here, move along. Nothing to see here, move along. Nothing new to be here, move along…. Oh, by the way, see those people over there? Yes, the ones who had nothing to do with it. They did it. What? You don’t believe me. Come over here and let me shout it in your ear over and over until you can’t hear yourself think. Repeat after me: “Even though they had nothing to do with it, they did it.” Got that? Good. Now go and vote likewise.

The reduction of tragedy to political commentary in this age is a banality. To point to it is only to extend it. To use insanity to count coup on political opponents is not insanity, it is evil.

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