Pro-Democracy Protests In Egypt

In a move largely credited as sparked by the recent revolt in Tunisia, pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets in Cairo and other large Egyptian cities. Here’s a quick list of reports that I’ve dug up:

Seems like watching this story develop might be a lot more interesting than watching His Obamaness pontificate tonight.

Update: According to the Daily Mail (UK), the protests have spread to Lebanon.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, a prime minster backed by pro-Iranian Hezbollah was appointed sparking angry street protests and fears the move would plunge the country into a new crisis.

Billionaire businessman and former premier Najib Mikati, Hezbollah’s chosen candidate, moved immediately to try and reassure the country declaring : ‘My hand is extended to all Lebanese, Muslims and Christians, in order to build and not to destroy.’

But thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of major cities on what they also called a ‘day of rage’, accusing Hebzbollah of engineering the collapse of the previous unity government of outgoing Premier Saad Hariri.

Things definitely seem to be getting interesting in the Middle East.


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