Newsweek Wraps The Tucson Shooter In An American Flag

I kid you not:

American Power has lots of details. The Other McCain points out that the Newsweek cover story doesn’t even mention the film that inspired the shooter, Zeitgeist, in a 2,000 word article.

H/T to the new PJ Tatler.

Update and bump: The Other McCain has honored this post with the Full Metal Jacket Reach-Around. Thanks, Robert!


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3 responses to “Newsweek Wraps The Tucson Shooter In An American Flag”

  1. deliaangel says :

    Wow. This is beyond evil. This is so sick and effed up! This sicko has been getting exactly what he wanted and the MSM are piling it on…


  2. 49erDweet says :

    Further proof that narrative spinners still think, as a former ABC talking head once said,

    “Whoever controls the media controls reality.”

    . Fortunately this was Newsweek. They only have 30 paid subscriptions, so that’s not much of a hit these days.

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