Amazon May Go Head-To-Head With Netflix

And now, a bit of a digression from politics… just cause every once in a while, we all need something a little lighter.

Netflix’s streaming service, which has helped make the company the second-largest U.S. media subscription service and boosted the firm’s market value, may finally get competition from

Amazon, led by CEO Jeff Bezos, has been rumored to work on a streaming video service offer bundled with its Amazon Prime service, which for an annual subscription fee of $79 a year gives users unlimited free two-day shipping, for a while. Tech blog Engadget over the weekend showed a screen shot of an ad that has since disappeared and mentioned content from BBC America and PBS.

I happen to be a customer of both Netflix and Amazon, though I cancelled my Amazon Prime membership when I got my Kindle, because I was hardly getting anything shipped to me–physically, at least–any more, having switched the vast majority of my book buying to Kindle books, which are “shipped” wirelessly and free even without Prime.

In fact, it may be that with the rise of the Kindle (one blogger has an estimate of 12 million–yes, million, with an m–Kindles sold so far), Amazon’s Prime may not be as popular as it once was, because of people doing what I did and not resubscribing to Prime after getting a Kindle. This may be Amazon’s way of rekindling (no pun intended) interest in the Prime program. If Amazon doesn’t raise the Prime pricetag, it works out as cheaper than Netflix:

“Amazon Prime includes free shipping for purchases and costs $79 per year, versus a Netflix streaming-only sub at $95.88.”

They’ve piqued my interest… I’ll be watching to see what Amazon does with this idea… and what Netflix does in response.


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  1. goforit12345 says :

    There is a very simple test of Gore’s contention that the heavy snowfall and cold weather is exactly what the global warming scientists expected. It’s not based on some publications by a few scientists AFTER THE FACT, or even, for that matter, predictions by a couple of scientists ten years ago (in contrast to the consensus at the time). If what he says is true and not spin, there should be a large body of scientific publications from years ago predicting heavy snowfall – well before the global warming alarmists were embarrassed by what is now happening. He should cite that body of scientific predictions. He cannot, of course, since it is not there. If what he says were true, the description “global warming” would have been changed to “climate change” many years ago and not just AFTER repeated embarrassments by this group, unable to explain heavy snowfall, cold weather , etc.

    Finally, try this exercise: Google “Al Gore increased snowfall” and use a filter to look for links before, say, 2004. I found nothing in all of Gore’s predictions. If someone can find Gore making predictions that global warming will/can lead to cold spells and increased snow fall, let us know about it. The man was devastated and depressed by his 2000 loss to Bush, as anyone would be. He wanted to find meaning in his life, increase the role of government in our lives, and make a lot of money in the process (hundreds of millions of dollars). Global warming was the perfect vehicle for Al.

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