More Of The “New Tone” From The Left

Now they’re calling for the death of Clarence Thomas, or worse:

Granted, the cameraman is trying to get the people to say something outrageous, but he also doesn’t have to try very hard. He asks people at the rally what “we” should do after impeaching Clarence Thomas to get justice for Anita Hill, and he gets some mighty interesting answers:  Send him “back to the fields.” “String him up.” “Hang him.” “Torture.”

“[B]ack to the fields”? Would that mean condemning him to slavery, like in the deep south?

“Torture”? Really? I thought lefties were against torture, even stretching the definition to include waterboarding.

It just shows, once again, that when the left accuses the right of fomenting violence, all they’re doing is projecting their own feelings onto their opponents, and that they’re really the ones with the violent tendencies.


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