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Health Tip Of The Day: Cockfighting Can Be Deadly To Spectators

And now for something weirder

A California man attending a cockfight has died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb.

No news yet if a move to ban poultry with knives will be forthcoming from our “don’t just stand there, do something!” elected officials. Cockfighting is already illegal, but then again, so is shooting someone–except in certain limited circumstances–but that hasn’t stopped those who want to ban guns.


House Will Vote On Defunding ObamaCare Next Week

(Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives is likely to vote to block funding for President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare overhaul when it takes up a budget plan next week, House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said on Tuesday.


Cantor’s office said the language blocking funding for the healthcare law is expected to be offered as an amendment during the House debate next week. Republicans, trying to make good on a campaign pledge for a more open legislative process, plan to debate a number of amendments to the spending bill.

Cantor said he expects the spending bill to include healthcare language when it leaves the House for Senate consideration.

The measure is not likely to get past the Democratic-controlled Senate, which rejected a Republican bid to fully repeal the healthcare overhaul that Obama signed into law last year.

I’ve said it before, but even if it doesn’t survive the Senate, it’s important for the House to include the defunding language. It will both keep a campaign promise and provide a real measure of the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress.

Of course, if the red-state Democratic Senators hear loud and clear from their constituents, maybe it will survive the Senate after all, and then Obama will have to make a very hard decision that he won’t be able to vote “present” on… either sign the bill (or let it go through unsigned, after 10 days it automatically becomes law as though he had signed it) and let his administration be stripped of the funds to enforce ObamaCare, or make a very public veto and thus reinforce his identification with a very unpopular bill.

I hope the House follows through on this. I’ll have the popcorn standing by.

PolitiFact Calls Obama A Liar

Will we now have lefties in Congress calling for censoring PolitiFact for this post?

The idea that Obama did not raise taxes is just plain wrong. He signed legislation raising taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products soon after taking office; that money goes to pay for children’s health insurance programs. The law went into effect in 2009. He also signed the health care law, which includes taxes on indoor tanning that went into effect last year. (Regular PolitiFact readers will remember our fact-check of reality TV star Snooki and her complaint about the new tax last year.)

The new health care law also includes a tax on people who decide not to have health insurance, as an incentive for them to get coverage. The tax phases in gradually, starting in 2014. By 2016, the tax would be $695 per uninsured person up to a maximum of three times that amount, or $2,085. The law includes exemptions for people who can’t find affordable insurance, and a few other special circumstances.

More significantly, the health care law includes new taxes on the wealthy, starting in 2013. Individuals who make more than $200,000 and couples that make more than $250,000 will see additional Medicare taxes of 0.9 percent. They will also, for the first time, have to pay Medicare taxes on their investment income at a 3.8 percent rate. (Current law is that all workers and employers split a 2.9 percent Medicare tax; the self-employed pay all of it.)

And they don’t pull many punches in the summary:

Obama said, “I didn’t raise taxes once.” But we’ve documented numerous instances when he has. He’s has signed off on small tax cuts for most taxpayers, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s also approved several tax increases. So we rate his statement False.

Sorry, Barack… you lied, plain and simple.

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