CBO: ObamaCare Kills Jobs

Another thing that the Obamacrats denied vociferously has now been confirmed by the CBO:

Yuval Levin has a transcript of the important exchange:

Campbell: You just mentioned that you believe—or that in your estimate, that the health-care law would reduce the labor used in the economy by about one half of one percent. Given that, I believe you say, there’s 160 million full-time people working in 2021, that means that, in your estimation, the health-care law would reduce employment by 800,000 in 2021. Is that correct?

Elmendorf: Yes. The way I would put it is that we do estimate, as you said, that household employment will be about 160 million by the end of the decade.  Half a percent of that is 800,000.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass ObamaCare to find out what was in it?

Two points about that statement: One, we now know why she didn’t want this stuff out before it passed. Two, given all the bad things that have already come out about this monstrosity of a program, I don’t really want to know more, I want it to be repealed at the earliest possible opportunity.


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