Obama Administration To Judge Vinson: Please Tell States To Ignore Your Ruling

Just proving that life is really stranger than fiction:

The Obama administration is asking a federal judge who struck down the healthcare reform law to clarify that states must still implement the overhaul as the appeals process plays out.

Some states are saying the Jan. 31 ruling relieves them from implementing the sweeping reform law because the federal judge in Florida found it to be unconstitutional.

The Obama administration, in a Thursday evening filing in a Northern Florida federal court, is asking the court to clarify that the 26 states who successfully challenged the law are still required to comply with it.

Ed at HotAir is speculating about why the ObamaCrats are doing this…

Essentially, the Obama administration wants Vinson to tell the states to obey an unconstitutional law.  This isn’t a necessary step for an appeal, although it might or might not be a prerequisite to an application for a stay at the 11th Circuit.  Either way, it’s a fool’s errand.  If a judge declares an entire law void on the basis of constitutionality, he is hardly likely to issue an order telling states to obey it anyway.

Assuming this isn’t fulfilling some arcane check box on an appeal, what’s the point of asking Vinson to do this?  Either Obama’s team doesn’t understand how to read a legal brief — an amusing prospect, but utterly untrue — or they’re trying to delay the appeal a little longer.  Perhaps they’re hoping for a few more decisions to go their way in circuit courts before Vinson’s ruling gets reviewed at the next level.  Frankly, though, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, either.  Except as a political pose, this seems completely futile and meaningless.

All respect to the great Captain Ed, but I think the answer is simple. Obama is acting like the immature person he is, kicking his feet and screaming “Nonononononono! You can’t take away My Signature Achievement!”


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  1. 49erDweet says :

    You are spot on. The Juan can’t figure out why anybody would want to interfere with his legacy. Its. its, its……just rude!

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