Dem Politician Calls Tea Partier “Buckwheat.”

Great moments in double standards:

A Broadview Heights woman is accusing state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of using a term that some believe has a racist connotation on a social networking site.

Hagan, D-60th, of Youngstown, used the term “buckwheat” in a Facebook posting Saturday.

He said the posting wasn’t racist, and the attack on him is the tea party’s attempt to make him look bad.


Rachel Mullen Manias, a GOP activist from Broadview Heights, outside Cleveland; a man named Kevin Crowther and others joined the discussion.

The discussion continues, with Manias, Cook and Crowther, who is black, arguing for the need for cuts and Hagan against what’s bee n proposed.

Manias then wrote, “I’m guessing your (sic) from an entrenched area ripe with corruption. I don’t recognize your name as a Cuyahoga County resident, but I’m guessing you’re from the land of Traficant…”

Hagan responds that she’s not making sense. Two others comment and then Crowther returns to the discussion of public unions.

Then Hagan writes, “I ran against Traficant buckwheat … so take your personal shots, and shove them where the sun don’t shine.”

To start with, it looks like Hagan is himself using “personal shots,” while decrying them in others… so that’s one set of double-standards right there.

However, there’s a bigger one… the last time a politician used the term “buckwheat,” the NAACP regarded it as a racist term.

So… let’s see if the NAACP denounces Hagan for the term, shall we? Whether or not they do, we will learn something about where the NAACP really stands… that is, for those out there who don’t know already.


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