Frankfurt Shooter Viewed “Redacted” Clips Before Shooting

Yet another tidbit from the German press that will probably be buried by the Dinosaur Media (translated by Google):

A feature film about the rape scene of a Muslim woman may be the trigger for the attack at Frankfurt airport on U.S. soldiers have been. The suspected bomber Arid U. Commission had been inciting of an Islamic propaganda video entitled “U.S. soldiers rape our sisters, wake up oh Ummah,” said the television magazine “Spiegel TV”, referring to the Chief Public Prosecutor at the Federal Court, Frank Wallenta.

The contribution to the Internet portal Youtube show no real rape, but excerpts from the feature film “Redacted” by Brian De Palma, it was said. Wallenta was confirmed by appropriate search of the magazine. The 2007 film is released, however, by a true incident in the Iraqi Mahmudiyya, where more U.S. soldiers had in 2006 raped and killed a young girl and murdered several family members.

We’ve been told ad nauseum that Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs” map caused Rep. Gifford’s shooter to go off the deep end… but will we hear anything about this from the Dinosaur Media? Don’t bet on it.


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