Open Thread: Japan Earthquake

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Here’s some links to get you started:

Reuters Live

Sky News

Kyodo News (Japan – English version)

Of course, prayers go out for all those affected.


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One response to “Open Thread: Japan Earthquake”

  1. 49erDweet says :

    I think several things need to be said:

    1. Last Friday, March 11, 2011, will be another of those dates that forever live in ignominy. Like December 7 and June 6, it will be used to mark a significant change in the status quo.

    2. It will be more than a year before “we”, the world, can truly understand the economic impact this will have on all of us, all over the world. And it will be a downturn, not a boon.

    3. This will change Japan forever. They lost their national communication, transportation and civil administration systems in spite of their best advance planning efforts. Heads will roll once the dike quits leaking.

    4. Japan’s crippling debt load piled on top of the need to rebuild and rehabilitate so much infrastructure will set them back for decades. They will do well to just survive.

    5. China will not really benefit economically from Japan’s troubles in the long run, [due to the “broken window fable” factor] but Chinese military leaders might not comprehend this and could push hard to receive permission to exploit what they perceive to be momentary weaknesses in their Asiatic sister countries in order to stir up trouble. They might persist long enough to succeed. The result could be chaotic.

    6. The Japanese fishing industry [Jfi] is a major player around the world. The northern ports of Japan are [were] headquarters for their “wild” or deep ocean fleet. [The southern ports, near Osaka, cater to their “farm” or warm water fleet]. Jfi lost the use of an unknown number of mother ships [factories], possibly close to a dozen, for an unknown period of time. They also lost an estimated 300 smaller fishing vessels. Fishing is seasonal and time sensitive. Jfi could be forced to suddenly shuffle around it’s world-wide fleet in ways not even known, yet, which conceivably could negatively impact fisheries all around the world this year, including Alaska, the West Coast and the East Coast of the US.

    7. There is going to be a huge amount of spin about how “we” will learn from this and do things like cell towers, bullet trains and seaports so much better. True but irrelevant. Better is not always safer.

    8. The Japanese Air Force lost its only fighter training base and almost 40% of it’s fixed wing fleet. Big problem.

    And I’m only hitting the edges of the hole, as you can tell.

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