Another Tea Party Victory: RINO Miami Mayor Recalled

Another tax-raising RINO bites the dust:

Two years after winning in a landslide, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, the chief of some 2.5 million people in south Florida, lost his seat Tuesday in a recall vote after raising taxes and boosting the pay of public-sector union employees.


According to a Miami Herald poll, 67 percent of residents wanted Alvarez out, mainly because he raised property taxes for two-fifths of the county’s homeowners by 13 percent, while increasing pay and unfreezing some benefits for public-sector employees. The unemployment rate in Miami-Dade County is 12 percent.

With such sky-high unemployment, as well as crashing tax revenues, “Miami is a microcosm of what may also be the continuing national mood of anger that the economy and high unemployment reverberated,” Fernand Amandi, a Miami political analyst, told the Financial Times.

News flash for RINOs… the conservative base of the GOP has lost all patience with tax-raising, public-sector-union-coddling people who think the Tea Party should love them just because they put an “R” after their name.


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